How to become a superstar practice manager


Careers in medical practice management can be tough, but there are exceptional leaders who can master it all. Learn the key qualities you need for success.

There is a significant opportunity in the U.S. for business-minded professionals to have a rewarding career in healthcare as practice managers.

As in any profession, there are average managers who do an adequate job. And then there are the superstars-the managers who care deeply, work fervently, and deliver results time and time again.

So what sets these managers apart from others? What is the “secret sauce” to getting ahead as a practice manager? Let’s talk about five qualities superstar managers possess.

“Never burn bridges,” says Cornelius, “because strong and healthy relationships are vital to success.” Learning to communicate, listen, and understand others will carry you extraordinarily far in your career.

About the Author

Amy Boyer, MBA, is a consultant with Karen Zupko & Associates, Inc. She has 15 years of experience working with physicians in private practice, hospital-based practice, and academic settings. Boyer specializes in practice operations, revenue cycle, and the use of technology to improve productivity. She frequently advises residents and young surgeons about employment agreements, compensation, and practice start-up issues.