How to Better Manage Incoming Calls at Your Medical Practice


Seven easy ways to expedite the incoming phone call process at your medical practice.

Phones are a major operational issue in many medical practices.The reflexive solution is to add dedicated phone staff and/or move the function to a back room where the incessant ringing is isolated from the rest of the office. A real solution requires understanding the root of the problem.

Why are X telephone lines apparently not enough?

  • The greeting is long and complex.
  • The volume of calls is exaggerated because patients call again before getting a response to the first call.
  • The average length of each call, when a person answers, is long.
  • The person answering the phone tries to help but does not have the information readily available.
  • Staff is not skilled in gathering the necessary information and ending the call.

Why is the office getting so many calls?

  1. It is the only way patients can make or change appointments.
  2. Patients call the office for refill authorization.
  3. Patients were distracted during their visits and are calling for clarification.

It is important to remember that phone issues are equal opportunity irritants; they are a nuisance for patients, staff, and providers. The suggested remedies deliver notably improved patient service for significantly less practice labor.