Outline of 2023 evaluation and management changes

Get prepared for next year's changes.

Q:We are trying to educate our providers prior to 2023.Can you give us an outline of the upcoming 2023 Evaluation and Management (E/M) changes?

A:The most recent significant changes to the Evaluation and Management coding guidelines occurred in 2021 allowing physicians to choose between medical decision-making and time-based reporting for their services. It appears we are in store for additional changes to begin January 2023 that will extend the 2021 guidelines changes to other places of service and codes, specifically inpatient/observation.The changes will be centered around code sets including inpatient and observation care services, consultations, prolonged services, emergency department services, home services and nursing facility services. Below is a summary of changes published by the AMA.

Planning and preparing for the changes will enable providers to better understand and be ready to implement. Additionally, there will be changes to many definitions as well as guidelines within the codes.We will go into further detail regarding these changes in coming articles.

Source:2023 CPT E/M descriptors and guidelines

Renee Dowling is a compliance auditor at Sansum Clinic, LLC, in Santa Barbara, California.