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People Make a Great Medical Conference


Finding the perfect fit within a group or organization can elevate you and your practice to new levels.

A week ago I attended a really amazing conference. I know that most of us when using the words "conference" or "seminar" don't typically pair those words with "amazing." This one was different.

It was put on by an organization called the Independent Physical Therapists of California. The members of this group are truly dedicated to the profession and are a very dynamic group of individuals.

The evening prior to the conference, I found myself sitting at a table having dinner with some of the most influential and intelligent people in the physical therapy industry. I looked down the table at the other eight people thinking, "How lucky am I to be in the presence of such amazing people?" There's that word again, "amazing."

Of the 150 or so people who attended, 18 of them gave a presentation or were part of a Q&A panel on various topics. Some of my favorites included Jean Mitchell and her findings while reviewing thousands of Medicare claims. Monty Miller, of Momentum Billing, and his run-down of Blue Shield's Covered California plans. Todd Martin, from Pro-Pt, with his presentation on "Sales and Marketing in Your Practice." Greg Brodek of Duane Morris, keeping us all on track with his wit and humor. David Straight, of E-Rehab, and his explanation of the importance of social media marketing. Heidi Jannenga, of WebPT, demonstrating how the physical therapy industry is changing its brand with #GetPT. Nancy Rothenberg, from PTPN, explaining their role in contracts. And, lastly, Jeff Hathaway, with the Physical Therapy Business Alliance, and his presentation on coding and billing reform.

I've never walked away from a seminar or conference having learned so much and enjoyed such a great group of people. The support that these individuals have for each other is like no other. They are brothers and sisters within the industry, colleagues but, never competitors. If one wins, they all win. They band together like rubber bands in a baseball; very tight-knit. The ideas, problem solving, and overall positive movement these people bring to the table is truly unique.

If you do not belong to an organization like this, find one today. Ask your fellow physicians who they would recommend or start one yourself! You would be amazed at how many of your colleagues are starving for a group that can make a difference and drive change in your industry.

It's not very often that you gain a pearl of wisdom from any conference or seminar, but when you gather the right group of people together it's truly amazing what can be accomplished.

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