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A Physician's 8 Resolutions for the New Year


Last year I shared my New Year's resolutions for 2014. Here's how I did, and what I resolve to accomplish this year at my medical practice.

Last January, I wrote a blog about my practice resolutions.  I thought I would let you know how I did and what my resolutions for 2015 will be.

An update on last year's resolutions:
1. Arrive to the office on time.
I did very well with this one ... at least better than previous years.  It is now a habit for me to arrive on time.  I’m glad I went public with this one.

2. Get my notes done in a timely fashion. This one went pretty well ... but there were times when I was just not motivated and let things get a little out of hand.  I need to continue working on this one.

3. Don’t let the turkeys get me down. This one also went very well, especially after I wrote the blog about appreciating my difficult patients.

4. Remember to ask other providers if they need help before I leave the office. This one occurred about 50 percent of the time ... another one to work on!

5. I will learn ICD-10. Well, we all got a reprieve on this one, but I will keep this one on the list for 2015.

6. Take care of yourself, doctor!  I now have a personal trainer and a nutritionist. Things are going well and I plan to continue attending to my health this coming year.

7. Learn something new that will benefit the practice. While I still don’t know how to create spreadsheets, I can now do a PowerPoint presentation and got certified as yellow belt in Lean Six Sigma. 

8. Be grateful. This one stays on the list permanently as a reminder to be thankful for my career and the people that I work with.

Overall, I would give myself a grade of “B” for keeping my resolutions for 2014.

Now, for my 2015 resolutions (the first four and the last one are repeats from last year):1. Get my notes done in a timely fashion. Try to stay on top of my office “paperwork” and not let it get piled up.

2. Remember to ask other providers if they need help before I leave the office.3.  I will learn ICD-10. I don’t think we are going to get another delay on this one!

4. Learn something new that will benefit the practice. My goal this year is to get more information on practice administration and financial topics.

5. Continue to grow my practice. I am now the most senior physician and need to help guide the junior physicians as they grow into their roles as practice owners.  We are opening a fourth office later this year as well as expanding our services and hiring new providers.

6. Don’t eat lunch at my desk. Eat lunch in the break room with others in the office.

7. Bring bagels or other snacks for the staff on the weekends I work.  My recently retired partner did this on her weekends ... I guess I need to pick up this duty!

8. Be grateful.

I hope that last year was good for your practice and best wishes for a successful 2015! Please share some of your New Year's resolutions below.

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