Poll of the Week – What is the Future of Medical Practice?

Practice Notes blogger Aubrey Westgate recently highlighted a report which outlines four possible scenarios for the future of medical practice.

A new report released by the Institute for Alternative Futures, a nonprofit think tank, aims to answer the question: What does the future hold for medical practice?

The institute came up with four scenarios. In a recent blogPractice Notes blogger Aubrey Westgate provided a brief overview of each.

Scenario 1: A mixed bag of primary-care settings in 2025 as a result of varying payment models.

Scenario 2: A widening gap in primary-care services based on a patient’s economic status.

Scenario 3: A more optimistic future in which primary care will be “reshaped” by a series of delivery system measures that focus on value and equity.

Scenario 4: As technology develops to further enable patients to take control of their own health, technology will become a supplement and a substitute for traditional medical care.



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