Practice tip of the week: Six things to never say to a patient


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With all the useful information available on Physicians Practice, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

With this in mind, the tip of the week is a chance to reflect on some of the wisdom found all across the site.

In a September 2021 story on what to never say to a patient, Sara Michael and Abigail Beckel write the following:

“Like everyone else, physicians don’t always say the right things. There are phrases that find their way into physician-patient interactions and eat away at patient confidence. Good patient care requires good communication as much as well-honed clinical skills. Here’s your guide to six common phrases physicians too often say to patients, but shouldn’t:

1). “This won’t hurt at all.”

2). “We’re just really busy.”

3). “I understand how you feel.”

4). “We can’t find your chart.”

5). “I’m sure it’s nothing serious.”

6). “Oops.”

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