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Reduce risk through online training


Access leading experts at a fraction of the cost.

Every day your medical practice is fighting an uphill battle. You’re expected to comply with endless regulations, fight for every penny you’re rightfully due, and still deliver high quality patient care. 

Payers and government regulators have made it clear that even innocent mistakes won’t be tolerated. It can feel like they’re just waiting for you to slip up.

The challenge is finding the time and resources to reduce your risks and protect your practice. You don’t have hundreds of staff members or unlimited resources to throw at the problem. Instead, you may feel like you must go it alone, but this is not the case.

You can get access to leading industry experts who provide actual solutions to your most challenging compliance and reimbursement problems—and you can do it for a fraction of the cost. The answer is online training. Before you rush out and sign up for the next session you see, it’s important to take some time to determine if the training will be helpful and not just an expert telling you what’s coming down the pike.

The Cost of Non-compliance

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, along with other government agencies, are pushing to make up for the reduction in revenues experienced during the pandemic. A large number of auditors and investigators have been directed to uncover as much money as possible.

It is more important than ever that your practice is in compliance. Just a few of the new risk areas include accurate claims, staying on top of the everchanging HR regulations driven by COVID, patient privacy and patient access to records .

What to Demand from Your Training

There are many online training companies claiming they can help protect your practice—the Internet has made it possible for a variety of fly-by-night, pop-up companies to offer online training to healthcare practices. Once they are done collecting as much cash as possible, they are on their way. You certainly don’t want this.

It’s extremely important to research the company, their trainings, and their experts before you sign up. Here are few specific things you should look for:

  • Expert Presenter: Confirm the credentials and the bio of the expert presenting the training. If you take the time out of your hectic schedule to go to an online training, you want to make sure the person providing you with help knows what they’retalking about.
  • Quality of Content: Be cautious of sessions claiming they’ll “help you understand” or give you a “heads up regarding what might happen” to a new rule or regulation. Make sure you are going to walk away from the training with step-by-step advice that is actionable. You are investing your time, so you deserve to be able to use the information right away, not just what-ifs.
  • Refund Policy: Know what happens if you don’t find the training valuable. You’ve already lost the time you took to attend; do you want to lose the money you paid too? Ensure the training has a 100% refund. If you are not happy, you deserve to get your money back, and not be hassled about it.
  • Customer Service: Ensure the customer service line works, and you get a response. You shouldn’t have to wait days to get an answer to your question or be given the runaround waiting for a result.

About the Author
Samantha Saldukas is the President and CEO of Healthcare Training Leader, a company that offers online training led by leading industry experts for healthcare professionals. Samantha has 20+ years in the medical information industry.
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