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Six New EHR Training Tips


Staff training is a critical component of successful implementation of an EHR. Here are six tips from the experts.

Staff training is a critical component of successful implementation of an EHR. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recommends the following strategies and resources to help your staff hit the ground running:

• Assemble a team: Put together a readiness assessment team with representatives from the clinical, executive, and administrative sides of your practice. The team will identify any barriers to successful training.

• Appoint super users: Super users are staff members trained to move through the EHR quickly and can share helpful hints, tips, and techniques and provide internal training to office staff and clinicians. Super users should be trained not only in how the system functions but also in how it will be used for your specific work flow and patient population.

• Offer role-based training: Training sessions should be tailored to the roles and responsibilities of your staff. Focus on how each staff group (e.g., clinical providers, office staff, IT support staff, etc.) will be using the system and design training to best suit their needs.

• Use process-based training: Process-based training will help your staff understand how the new system fits into their work flow. For example, use it to familiarize staff with how they will use the system to provide clinical summaries for patients.

• Leverage vendor support: Vendors typically provide intensive EHR implementation training and can help you create a group of super users.

• Locate your local Regional Extension Center (REC): RECs often provide onsite EHR implementation training as well as training resources and advice. Contact your local office to find out if your practice is eligible for free or reduced-price local support.
For more guidance, visit bit.ly/ONC-staff-tips.

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