Ten Tips to Getting Paid at Your Medical Practice

Patients and payers are your two main practice revenue sources. Here's how to collect more for the work you do every day.

As you know, when it comes to getting paid in your medical practice, it's never as simple as providing a service and getting paid the amount you deserve in return. In fact, getting paid is so laborious and riddled with so many obstacles that many practices remain chronically under-reimbursed.Here are 10 tips on getting paid by the two main practice revenue groups: patients and payers.In the end, there are two critical factors that will help you get paid what you deserve in your practice. First, ensure that you have the right software products running your office to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Second, make sure that your entire team is regularly trained and keeps up with protocol so that they minimize costly mistakes and oversights.To view the slideshow in PDF format, click here.