The Best Ways to Show Gratitude to Patients and Staff


Sharing kind words with patients and staff is critical to building strong relationships. Here are six ways to show gratitude more effectively.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. Families, friends, colleagues, and even strangers go out of their way to gather together to share gratitude, reminisce about positive accomplishments, and feast on the bounties of life.

But why reserve appreciation for one special weekend? Especially since extending expressions of sincere gratitude on a regular basis can go a long way toward enhancing the general tone within professional, domestic, and community environments year-round.

The results of feeling gratitude extend beyond the recipients of thoughtful feedback, though. Expressing spontaneous and genuine words of kindness can have a positive impact on the benefactors of such sentiments, as well.

Here are six simple civility suggestions that will inspire you to genuinely - and generously - share your thankfulness.

About the Author

Sue Jacques is The Civility CEO™, a veteran forensic medical investigator turned corporate civility and professionalism consultant, speaker and coach who helps individuals and businesses gain confidence, earn respect, and create courteous corporate cultures.