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Three Ways to Address Burnout in Healthcare


Physicians today are faced with burnout like never before. Here are three ways healthcare organizations can tackle this problem.

The growing amount of burnout among physicians is exacerbated by the physician shortage. Physicians are required to work harder to pick up the slack, routinely seeing more patients in the same 8-hour workday than their predecessors. While some might argue physicians should simply see fewer patients, they would leave money on the table and could negatively affect patient care through increased wait times.

This situation might seem hopeless, but there are a few ways to curtail the burnout prevalent in healthcare:

As our population continues to age, healthcare leaders must make innovative, responsive decisions to meet the demand for qualified professionals. If the industry doesn't adapt, patients and doctors alike will suffer.

About the Author

Rob Indresano is president and COO of Barton Associates, a national recruiting and staffing firm based in the Boston area that specializes in temporary healthcare assignments. Rob is responsible for managing operations as well as the company's strategic vision. Before joining the Barton team, Rob was vice president and general counsel for Oxford Global Resources Inc. and corporate counsel for Oracle Corp.

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