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Using Facebook for Medical Practice Marketing


Facebook can be a powerful tool to market your practice to the local community. Here are six tips to get started.

By now you know that Facebook is a key piece of marketing any medical practice. Statistically Facebook is the most popular social media network with 890 million U.S. users, and we already know that it provides the most-targeted and least-expensive advertising avenue available.

After helping practices grow with social media over the last several years, I have put together a list of easy ways to reach more local patients:

1. Use local keywords in your "About" section.

There are two places I recommend using local keywords in your "page settings" and "About" section. First in your "page name," especially if you can't get your desired name or your name is similar to other practices in town or nearby (or even for multiple locations); second, in your short and long "page descriptions."

2. Utilize "Audience Insights."

The "Audience Insights" feature is a simple way to find out what else your local audience is interested in, so that you can share topics and images they're most likely to engage (like, comment, share) with. You can see all kinds of information, such as age, relationship status, education level, purchase behavior, the other pages they interact with - it's really quite extensive.

3. Find community influencers.

Who in your local business community is active on social media and has a good following? Interact with them, share their posts on your page, share their local events, and cross promote. Not sure who? Think of other store owners, the local chamber, the local paper, or school.

4. Find and use local hashtags.

With a little searching you can increase your reach using hashtags. And you can help your local prospective patients find you by using a local hashtag. For example if you are in Dallas, Texas, you might use #dallastx or #dfw. When someone searches for "family practice Dallas, Texas" with or without the hashtag, it's more likely you will pop up.

5. Tag and post about local businesses and events.

This is one I have harped on for a while. A successful page it not all about your practice, but it cultivates a community within your local community, with your practice as the hub. Depending on your target audience, share information that your patients/prospective patients would find useful. Perhaps that is the local egg hunt, maybe soccer sign-ups, or a lunch and learn at the senior center. Maybe it's an upcoming 5K or farmer's market or parade. This serves double duty, getting your patients and prospective patients the information they need and keeping your practice in the spotlight.

6. Super-targeted Facebook ads.

And finally, super-targeting with Facebook ads. One of Facebook's superpowers is that you can target your audience, for example, if you want to reach 18-year-old to 30-year-old diabetic males in the 83705 zip code in Boise, Idaho, within a five-mile radius, that is completely doable. Be sure before you spend any money on Facebook advertising that you are taking full advantage of your targeting options.

Hopefully those tips help you better utilize your Facebook business page. Feel free to comment with questions and I will answer them.

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