Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in Kansas

Family physician Josh Umbehr shares his perspective on practicing medicine in the state of Kansas.

A native Kansan, Josh Umbehr, 32, started practicing medicine in the Sunflower State three years ago following his residency.

He opened Atlas MD, a concierge family practice, he calls his "dream," to focus more on patients over paperwork and says he couldn't have found a better place to start the practice than Kansas.

"… It is really great to practice in a state that allows doctors to do some experimentation and do a unique model and build and develop that for the benefits of ourselves, our patients, other physicians, and ultimately, even the insurance companies," he says. "It's been wonderful being in a state that allows that flexibility to let us move beyond the status quo."

Umbehr recently shared more with Physicians Practice on what he likes - and what he'd change - about practicing medicine in Kansas.

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