Why Physicians Should Practice Medicine in New Hampshire

Gynecologist Cynthia Cooper explains why practicing medicine in New Hampshire is mostly great for independent-minded physicians.

Gynecologist Cynthia Cooper has only practiced medicine in New Hampshire - and from what she’s heard from other New England docs across state lines, she’s luckier and happier than most.

"You can really almost have whatever type of practice you like, still," Cooper told Physicians Practice. "I’ve been able to take on positions of leadership in the state … and I really feel that it’s a good patient mix. I don’t have that many uninsured in the state compared to other states..."

The Dover, N.H.-based physician does note, however, that the malpractice climate in the state is "worse" than it is in other states for a lack of liability caps.

In this podcast Cooper shared with Physicians Practice what she likes - and what she'd change - about practicing medicine in New Hampshire.

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