The Worst Things You Can Say to a Patient

The biggest obstacle between you and your patients having an optimal relationship is potentially the words that come out of your mouth.

In life, once something bad has been said, you can't take it back. In medicine, damaging words can be the biggest obstacle between a provider and a patient's relationship.We asked our advisory board to share with us some of the worst things that a practitioner can say to a patient during their visit. Some of these damaging words are innocuous and some of the comments go much deeper than that. Other comments reflect the difficult things that providers will have to say to a sick patient, which are not necessarily mean-spirited but reflect a harsh reality.Here's what they had to say.(What are some of the worst things you think a practitioner can say to a patient? Share your thoughts below in the comments section or by tweeting us @PhysiciansPract.)Click here to download a PDF of this slideshow.