Author | Pamela Moore, PhD


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Are Your Staff in the Right Roles?

November 15, 2011

Your practice’s biggest expense-and best asset-is your staff. Here’s how to ensure you’ve got the right staff in the right roles working as efficiently as possible.

Tough Times Call for Technology

December 15, 2009

An EMR purchase is a business decision like any other. It’s an expensive decision, true, and it requires change. But it’s still just a business decision. What questions should you really be asking yourself?

Navigating the Tech Maze

December 15, 2009

What are physicians like you doing when it comes to purchasing new office technologies? Our Fifth Annual Technology Survey cuts through the hype and gives it to you straight.

Guarantee Me

November 01, 2009

President Obama has promised as much as $44,000 to physicians using EHRs as part of the stimulus package he signed this year. Payments start in 2011. But there’s a catch.