Author | Shirley Grace

Mullica Hill



The Road to EMR Interoperability

December 15, 2009


How far away are we from having electronic medical records that can truly talk to each other, across health systems and across regions? We decided to find out.

Smart EMR Selection

May 01, 2009


You’re ready to buy an EMR. But how do you know which one is right for your practice?

Evidence-Based Medicine Examined

April 01, 2009


Evidence-based medicine has been around for 16 years. But even though most physicians agree with the concept, it has not yet become the standard of American practice. Why not? And how can you make evidence-based medicine work in your busy office.

Spotting (and Helping) a Drug-Using Employee

April 01, 2009


One of your employees has succumbed to addiction. What should you do?