Author | Abigail Beckel


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7 reasons to be happy you’re in primary care

August 11, 2020


Looking for the positive in the pandemic.

7 Ways to Save Money in Tough Times

January 31, 2011


Times are tight. While you are looking for cost efficiencies at the office, you can tighten the belt at home, too. Here are seven tricks to make your money go further.

Technology Won’t Fix Inefficient Processes

October 27, 2010


Want to implement new technologies or maximize your current systems? According to expert Cindy Dunn, you need to fix your work flow inefficiencies first and use new technologies as tools to help solve underlying process issues. Here’s how to do it.

Finding Lost Revenues and Missed Financial Opportunities

October 26, 2010


Could your practice be making more money? The experts say yes. Here are some places to look to find revenue your practice is missing.