Financing Technology

Bending the healthcare cost curve in spite of the crisis

September 08, 2020

A model for re-focusing on the value stream through your existing resource pool.

3 tips for physicians to find the best financial advisor

December 12, 2019

Not every financial adviser has your best interests at heart.

Best practices for secure payment processing

February 25, 2019

Accepting payment via credit card is one way to improve patient collections. But medical practices must take precautions to ensure that their patients’ personal information remains protected.

Prioritizing patient engagement

February 15, 2019

An independent specialty group has improved patient relations and grown the practice by investing in advanced practice management and patient engagement tools.

Keeping Physicians in the Cost-Savings Loop

March 12, 2018

Healthcare organizations are always looking to save money, but physicians rarely know the effect of their treatments or medications. Here's how to change that.

The 7 Must Have Features of a Practice Management System

July 26, 2017

Why it's important that your practice management system can integrate with the EHR and six other features it must have.

Improved IT Usability is about Better Physician Work Flows

February 17, 2017

The chief innovation officer at UPMC says that improved usability in IT systems isn't about interfaces - it's about fitting into a doctor's work flow.

Innovative Ways for Small Practices to Invest in Tech

October 12, 2015

Even with potential meaningful use incentives from the government, small practices have to get creative with tech investments.

Training Staff on Tech Tools Optimizes the Revenue Cycle

September 11, 2015

The most successful practices prioritize training of technology tools to optimize the revenue cycle. Here are five tips to keeping staff up to speed.

Getting Better Usage Out of the EHR

August 21, 2015

While there are more tools than ever within the EHR, many providers are still not using them to their fullest. There are multiple reasons why.