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Community Events Are Great Marketing Opportunities for Your Practice


By knowing what is going on in your community, you can plan to attend events in advance and turn them into great marketing opportunities.

I just looked at some of the events going on this summer in our area and found so many opportunities to help promote a physician's practice, while also contributing to the health of the local community.

Depending upon what your practice focuses on - geriatrics, oncology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary, pediatrics, etc. - you should be able to find an event where your physicians or staff can attend and help promote your business.

Oftentimes at community walks or runs you will see physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc., participating. This is also a great opportunity for these practitioners to meet the people in their area and talk about why these types of rehabilitation are an important part of patients' lives.

Fundraising for cancer research also holds opportunities; even if you don't have time to actively participate, you can become a sponsor. Getting your name out there in your community and showing your support for research will help boost your reputation within the area.

Orthopedists have an amazing opportunity to become a team doctor whether at the local high school, college, or even at the professional level. It shows that you are willing to give some time back to the younger generation and help educate them on an orthopedic, sports-medicine level. Oftentimes, kids in high school believe they are invincible and will always bounce back, but without proper guidance and training they could be setting themselves up for a future of chronic pain.

Are there any assisted living facilities in your area? This is a particularly lucrative area, as you could partner with the facility or hold seminars for the residents that could teach them about aging and health in the later stages of life.

The American Heart Association has declared the month of February as American Heart Awareness Month. This doesn’t mean you can only market and promote your business one month a year, but instead try creating your own event. Even if it's a small table at the local health food store. Hire an intern for the summer and have him hand out a card or small brochure that talks about your specialty and how patients would benefit from your services. Oftentimes, people do not think to get a screening performed before they have a problem, to obtain a baseline. Rather, they seek out help after a heart attack, stroke, or some other debilitating event.

Regardless of your type of practice, there are always opportunities to get out and promote your business and services. With the unfortunate course the healthcare insurance industry is heading, you owe it to yourself to continue to add value to your company.

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