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The Continuing Evolution of Physician Compensation


The MGMA's Donna Knapp and Todd Evenson discuss current and looming quality and cost factors that are playing a role in physician compensation.

Many medical practices are moving from volume- to value-based reimbursement for physicians. Many more are hesitate to make the same shift.

So how do you know when, and if, to make a move and what to rely on as quality benchmarks? Donna Knapp and Todd Evenson have a few thoughts.

The pair, both with the Medical Group Management Association, will co-present "The Evolution of the Physician Compensation Plan: Volume to Value" at this year's MGMA13 Conference in San Diego. Their presentation is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7.

In this podcast, Knapp and Evenson discuss what quality and cost benchmarks to investigate and alleviating concerns about making this reimbursement change.

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