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How to give a great speech


Whether you are presenting a paper at a large conference or addressing a small group of colleagues, here are seven ways to make your next speech memorable.

Speaking in front of an audience doesn't come naturally to very many people, which is why so many talks and presentations are boring and routine. This is particularly true in the healthcare world, where practitioners are usually noted for their technical skills, not their orating talents.

Still, it's expected that physicians who take the stage are confident in their ability to share their research findings, practical experiences, and medical know-how. Whether you're preparing to present a paper at a large conference or gearing up to address a small group of colleagues, here are seven ways to turn your next speech into a memorable audience experience.

When it comes to public speaking, preparation is the key. Knowing the room layout, audience makeup, technical details, and each of your points like the back of your hand enables you to ad lib a bit, creating a more conversational, fluid, and natural presentation. Always know at the beginning of your talk precisely what you're going to say at the end, because that's what people will remember.

About the Author

Sue Jacques is The Civility CEO®, a veteran forensic medical investigator turned corporate civility expert, keynote speaker, and author. Jacques helps individuals, businesses, and medical practices gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism. She can be reached at www.TheCivilityCEO.com.

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