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Increase Your Online Reach: Google+ For Your Medical Practice


Google+ is a new social media tool that's worth trying, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Just when you thought you were using all the social media sites you could handle, you should be aware of a powerful online application that will increase your medical practice’s exposure. Even if you are content with the response you are getting from sites like Facebook and Twitter, you should take a moment to learn about Google+ and see what it can do for your practice.

Google+ is a social media tool launched by none other than Google itself. It provides an additional way to keep in contact with others, share content, and join groups of people with similar interests. It can also be used to help promote your practice, and gain new patients along the way.

Here are some of the main functions of Google+ and what you can do with them:

• You can add information about your clinic, and provide details about the services you offer. The services discussed can also be linked directly to your office’s Website.

• Your Google+ account can be linked to your other social media pages. This way, you are using cross-promotion in order to get more people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or your YouTube channel (if you have one).

• The platform allows you to share content, as well as re-share. If you find a helpful medical or health-related article that you would like to share, Google+ makes it simple to do so.

• Sharing things on Google+ can help to influence search engine rankings. Of course, you always want to have a high search engine ranking so that those searching for a physician in your area will find you when conducting their online searches.

• As on other platforms, you can post status updates. One neat aspect is that the status messages on Google+ can be optimized, which will increase the likelihood that your patients will find them. Once posted, they are quickly indexed by Google+.

• Perhaps one of the most important reasons to get your practice onto Google+ is that it makes it easy for people in your area to find you when they are looking for information and resources.

Google+ is set up to use Google Hangouts, where people can engage in discussions and provide live video demonstrations. Hangouts also offers groups that are based on various interests. Consider getting into those groups that make sense for your office, especially those that are local. It is a great way to make nearby contacts, and to stay connected with current ones.

Google+ offers a variety of ways to connect you to others, helps you share content, and is instrumental in helping people find you locally. It’s a new marketing tool to add to your bag of tricks, to help you to promote your practice, reach new patients, and keep in touch with those you already have. Give it a try.


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