Introducing Advanced Practitioners to Patients

Congratulations, you've hired a new NP or PA. Now be sure your patients know and understand who they'll be seeing.

Don't be afraid to promote your advanced practitioners. Charlene Mooney, a consulting executive with Halley Consulting Group, says practices should market their new recruits with enthusiasm on their website and in their office, noting to patients that the addition of another highly skilled provider will help reduce wait times, allow providers to spend more time with patients, and perhaps even extend office hours for greater convenience. Video profiles that highlight their years of experience and education are also effective. "I like to see an announcement board put in the reception area that welcomes the new provider with his picture," says Mooney. "It should include a little bit about the person and ask your patients to welcome him. Tell them that you've brought this person on to help deliver their care." Likewise, if your new provider has expertise in managing a specific illness, like asthma or diabetes, ask [him] to offer patient education clinics.