Is it Time to Replace Your Practice Management System?

Practice Management (PM) systems form the backbone of any medical practice, helping physicians and their staff manage appointments, keep track of patients, and perform medical billing. While government incentives have put a spotlight on Electronic Health Records (EHR) in recent years, now is also a critical time for practices to take a close look at their PM systems. Many in use today are outdated, making daily tasks harder than they need to be, slowing staff down, and causing anxiety around industry changes like ICD-10. At a time when it’s becoming harder and harder to run a successful practice and still get home on time, your PM system should make your life easier, not add to your frustrations.

A modern system can help you run your practice efficiently, bill for services effectively, and adapt to change proactively. Don’t let an outdated system hold you back from running a more productive and profitable practice. In this white paper, you’ll learn about the key drivers-market, technology, and user experience-behind the PM replacement trend and why many practices are making the move to modern, cloud-based PM systems. Then review some key questions to help you determine if it’s time for your practice to make a switch.

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