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The Physicians Dilemma: Too Much To Do, All the Time


What would your career and life be like if you could face your challenges with an assortment of resources that proved to be more than adequate?

Another year has almost passed, but some things have stayed the same: a huge number of physicians everywhere encounter too many interruptions, too many tasks, and insufficient time to handle it all. If this describes your situation, read on.

A to-do list accumulates when the challenges you face and the tasks you want to complete outstrip the resources you can employ to tackle these issues. Unfortunately, many physicians perpetually dwell in this state. Why? They are under-resourced based on their challenges.

Here are some strategies to more effectively use the resources you do have:

Fully use existing resources

When you feel perpetually overwhelmed and seemingly unable to accomplish what you seek to, scan your immediate environment for the resources that you're not employing. When is the most recent time, for example, that you reviewed the resumes and job applications of the people currently on your staff? Might you be under-employing some of the human resources that you encounter each day?

How effective are you in employing both the software and hardware that are already in your possession? Most people learn to master only a fraction of the available features that come with the equipment they are currently using. Similarly, much of the software we employ can be re-employed in new ways that help us to be more effective.

Often, however, we become too comfortable with our equipment and software to consider delving further into the accompanying instructions. Looking further might aid us to be more effective in handling the tasks we face daily.

Balance tasks and resources

As we assemble more resources around us to meet our challenges, cross more items off our to-do lists, and feel an enhanced sense of achievement, we experience a different kind of relationship with these daily challenges. When the hurdles we face are at least matched by the resources we can muster to meet those challenges, we can achieve a sense of balance.

The balance might occur only for a fleeting moment, or for an extended period. Too often we don't learn the lessons that are there for our taking, as to why were able to reach the feeling of balance for however long that feeling lasted.

The most accomplished coworkers you're likely to encounter are those people who continually seek resources that they can creatively employ to meet the broad swath of challenges, assignments, and "to-dos," that they continually face.

Appreciate accomplishments

When the resources we can assemble are more than adequate to meet the challenges we face, a feeling of prosperity, the experience of leisure, or a sense of control are likely to occur.

What would your career and life be like if you could face your challenges with an assortment of resources that proved to be more than adequate? The most successful people among us intermittently achieve this for notable time intervals throughout the course of the workday and work week.

So, why not make it your mission to continually seek resources that support you on the tasks and projects that you face, the challenges that arise, and the personal and professional successes that you wish to experience? Your ability to effectively "get things done" will yield a most satisfying feeling.

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