Poll: Can Apple's New Health App Boost Patient Compliance?

Apple unveiled its Health app, compiling data from a user's health- and fitness-related apps in one place. Can it help patients take ownership of their health?

Apple unveiled its latest operating system, iOS8, with great fanfare Monday (June 2).  Among the features of the new system coming this fall is a new app simply called Health. The app provides an easy-to-read dashboard for iPhone and iPad users, collecting all their health and fitness data from various apps on their devices in one location.

With the Health app, users can track heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, and any other data in a single location, as well as the ability to create an emergency card with important health information (i.e. blood type, allergies), a 21st century medical bracelet of sorts.

In addition to the user being able to access their health information on one screen, Health also allows physicians and other medical professionals to view - and in some cases receive alerts - about patient data.

Do you think this new tool can help physicians get patients to better comply with their treatment plans?