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Poll: How is Health Reform Affecting Morale at Your Medical Practice?


You told us how healthcare reform is affecting your patients, your practices, and your career satisfaction. Now share how it is affecting your staff.

According to Physicians Practice's 2014 Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, (the full findings will be released in September), physicians are split about how healthcare reform has affected their patients and their practices.

Twenty percent of the more than 1,300 physician respondents said they believe reform has been a great thing for Americans; 42 percent said they believe it's mostly good, but not all good; and 39 percent said they think it has done a disservice to Americans.

And when it comes to reform's effect on practices, nearly 50 percent of respondents said it has had no effect. Still, others said they are experiencing several changes, from seeing more patients, to being dropped by certain insurers, to experiencing increasing difficulty collecting deductibles.

In January, we asked you to share how reform is affecting your career satisfaction. The responses we're troubling. Nearly 70 percent said that it was taking a big toll, causing additional stress, and leading to fears about the future.

Still, we have yet to ask about one important element of the equation: How health reform is affecting your staff members. Weigh in to share your thoughts.

How is healthcare reform affecting staff morale?

It's had a positive effect. Staff members are excited and optimistic.
It's had no effect. Staff members aren't paying much attention yet.
It's had a negative effect. Staff members are concerned and fearful.
It's had a mixed effect. Some staff members are excited, others are concerned.
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