Practice tip of the week: Doctor-patient communication’s role in mitigating medical malpractice claims


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With this in mind, the tip of the week is a chance to reflect on some of the wisdom found all across the site. In an April 2021 story on doctor-patient communication’s role in mitigating medical malpractice claims, Max Schloemannwrites the following:

“As an independent medical malpractice insurance broker, medical malpractice claims are a common topic of conversation with my physician clients. I have heard many stories from doctors dealing with the threat of a lawsuit, ranging from the comically baseless to the likely merited. From all the stories I have heard, I’ve been able to discern a common theme: communication matters. And poor communication may be perceived or actual. From lack of follow-up to inadequate bedside manner, time and again some type of poor communication is the root cause of my clients’ malpractice woes, while the clients who prioritize correspondence with their patients enjoy better outcomes. Their anecdotal experiences coupled with study data has shown that physicians who practice thorough, almost relentless patient communication reduce their chances of being hit with a medical malpractice claim.”

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