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Retweet: 12 Things Overheard on Twitter


Love ’em or hate ’em, social media networks like Twitter seem here to stay. Wondering what you’re missing on Twitter? Here is a sampling of tweets from your medical colleagues.

Love ’em or hate ’em, social media networks like Twitter seem here to stay. At Physicians Practice, we enjoy joining the conversation with doctors and other medical professionals, and have more than 1,400 followers. Wondering what you’re missing on Twitter? To give you a sense of what medical professionals are tweeting about in 140 characters or less, here 12 recent updates from some of the folks we follow:

Hartdoctor: Senate left town w/o fixing 21% cut in MD reimbursement on 3/31; if I left town w/o providing for pts, it would be called abandonment.

donseamons: Current system pays for “quantity of care rather than the value of it. This can’t continue.” - Gawande http://bit.ly/cDuENN

Mjcostajr: Is it weird I had dreams about typing on my new iPad last night? 3 more days until iPad cures the world of all evil!

PFPressCenter: Surprised last week that the doctor’s office we visited had never heard anything at all about HITECH or incentives for EHR adoption.

Yasserdahab: An otherwise on-time finish thwarted by the medical student. We’ve all been there, I suppose. At least he seems interested.

Drsteventucker: Who doesn’t love Vitamin D? http://bit.ly/bEQ8eK. First cancer, now heart disease. Probably lowers taxes too!

Norskedoc: I had just figured out the impact of the HCR bill - but then I woke up.

2healthguru: Whether case management, care coordination or primary care provider, RNs are central 2 any institution’s legitimate claim of putting pts 1st.

Chrisseper: Sent a friend a Peep through the mail. The peep oozed. Hazmat was called. I am waiting to hear more.

DrVes: NRMP Match Day 2009 saw a 7% drop for family medicine; 2010 brought a 9% increase. http://goo.gl/gWj3.

Gienna: Is it ethical to Google a patient or look at their Facebook page?

Doctorlinguist: I am desirous of a Big Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger. And there are two patients between me and said burger. Just two more.

Want to join the conversation? Follow us on Twitter: @ PhysiciansPract.

Abigail Beckel is managing editor for Physicians Practice. She can be reached at abigail.beckel@cmpmedica.com. Sara Michael is senior editor for Physicians Practice. She can be reached at sara.michael@cmpmedica.com. This article originally appeared in the May 2010 issue of Physicians Practice.

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