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Social Media in Healthcare: Finding the ROI


Dr. Russell Faust discusses the use of social media at your medical practice and how to get a true return on your investment of time and resources.

In this webinar, held July 18, Russell Faust, PhD, MD, chief medical officer for digital media consulting firm Annica Media and a practicing pediatric ENT surgical specialist, explains the current landscape of healthcare social media and how your practice can benefit. Faust also takes attendee questions on delegating social media tasks, interaction with physician profiling websites, and how to get started with social media at your office.




For more information on social media in healthcare and how it can help your practice, check out:

Social Media in Healthcare: Measuring Your ROI
Once you know your return and investment in social media, determining ROI is a simple equation.
(A full list of Dr. Faust's blogs is available at the end of this post).

Social Media in Healthcare: Is There ROI?
You’re trying to build your practice, to recruit and retain good staff ... Do you really have time to “play around with Facebook?”

Helping Physicians Choose the Right Social Media for Their Practice
How can you be expected to maintain four or more social media profiles while also running a successful practice? Here's some advice.

The Dos and Don’ts of Physician Social Media Usage
What you do online matters - and medical boards are paying attention.

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