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Tools for Choosing a URL


Obtaining a URL or domain name can be tricky. No one ever "owns" the URL forever, but instead, it's basically rented for a year or longer.

Obtaining a URL or domain name can be tricky. No one ever "owns" the URL forever, but instead, it's basically rented for a year or longer. A URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator" and is the same as your Web address.

Choosing your own URL can be tricky as so many of the good names are taken. But there are several sites we use to help us create excellent URLs.

Domize - Domize, a domain name search engine, is probably the quickest way to determine if your desired URL is available. As you type, Domize automatically populates available words and phrases. It also lists availability of the suffixes, such as .com, .net, etc.

You can then click into GoDaddy.com to make a purchase. Simple.

Domai.nr - Very similar to Domize, this service quickly shows availability and creates some unique variations of the keywords you'd like to use.

Domaintools - This one is a little bit more sophisticated. Domaintools is great if the URL you want is already taken. You can determine who owns it, and, more importantly, when the URL is up for renewal. This may take some patience if you really want a specific URL. You may also contact the owner and make an offer to transfer the URL...for a price. 

As an owner, you may block this information, for a fee, from the general public. For instance, my URL, www.RetinaEyeDoctor.com is listed. If you were interested in my URL, you can determine when I have to renew. If I forget to renew the URL, you could purchase the URL yourself upon the expiration date. There is also enough information for you to e-mail me directly and make an offer.

Dot-O-Mator - This site takes your preferred keyword or name, and creates variation using prefixes and suffixes. Make sure the results are available and then purchase.

dnScoop - This gives you the value of a particular URL. It also lists various Web sites and URLs for sale.

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