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Top 10 articles of 2018


A recap of our readers' top 10 favorite articles of the year

1. The new Apple Watch ECG app: A potential liability nightmare for physicians

By Dennis S. Harms and Kevin K. Peek

No physician should indicate that wearable health devices are in any way a replacement of direct medical care by healthcare professionals or an equivalent of medical equipment available at hospitals.



2. 2018 Great American Physician Survey: About the respondents

Learn about the 1,187 U.S. physicians who responded to the 2018 Great American Physician Survey.



3. 7 staff roles practices should consider adding

By Angela Watkins

Changes in the healthcare industry are necessitating new roles at practices. Here are seven positions you might consider adding to assist patients and staff.



4. 8 ways to deal with difficult patients

By Angela Watkins

Whether your patient is angry or manipulative, there are certain ways to deal with them. Here are eight strategies to employ. 



5. Coding Medicare annual wellness visits along with a 99397

By Bill Dacey

Coding expert explains why we don't typically see a 99397 and an AWV, and why Medicare discourages this from happening.



6. 11 strategies for discussing diet and nutrition with patients

By Iulia Filip

Hint: there’s more to it than simply telling patients to “eat a balanced diet.”



7. 12 ways practices can improve clean claim ratios

By Iulia Filip

Submission of incomplete or inaccurate claims results in claim denials, delayed payments, and additional work for staff. Here's how you can minimize claim denials and ensure timely payments for your practice.



8. 5 qualities of superstar practice managers 

By Amy Boyer, MBA 

Careers in medical practice management can be tough, but there are exceptional leaders who can master it all. Learn the key qualities you need for success.



9. So you know longer want to practice medicine

By Julie Knudson

The right support and a thoughtful strategy can maximize job satisfaction for physicians who are ready to transition to a second career.



10. 3 ways to show staff appreciation

By Traci Fiatte

This Labor Day, take time to appreciate your staff and reflect on how to improve employee morale and work culture.


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