Top 5 Reasons Physicians Give for Avoiding Social Media

Physician and social media expert Russell Faust describes the top obstacles preventing doctors from utilizing social media as a tool for their medical practice.

According to our 2014 Technology Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, 63 percent of responding physicians and practices said they do not use social media to communicate information about themselves and thei

r practice to the community.

Of those who are using social media, 32 percent rely on Facebook; 11 percent on LinkedIn; and 10 percent on Twitter.

In this presentation, Russell Faust, a pediatric ear, nose, and throat surgeon and social media/marketing expert, offers the five biggest objections physicians give for not using social media on a daily basis. Faust gives tips and tools as well as describing how his own social media efforts nearly doubled his practice's patient base.

Faust's company, the windrivengroup, is also making a free whitepaper available on how to better connect with patients.  To download, click here.