Twelve Ways to Prep for ICD-10

There's no more putting it off. If your practice hasn't started preparing for ICD-10 it's already behind. Here's how to catch up.

After the transition to ICD-10 was delayed last year, many practices hit the pause button on preparing for the new code set. But now that 2015 is here, they can't put it off any longer.The ICD-10 transition, scheduled for Oct. 1, 2015, is just a few short months away.Throughout 2014, Physicians Practice shared many tips regarding how practices can prepare. To help your practice get started, we compiled some of our favorites that are still relevant with the new deadline approaching. Here are our top 12.Resources:
• The ICD-10 Delay: A Checklist to Get Back on Track
• Develop an ICD-10 Training Plan for Your Practice
• Intense ICD-10 Training: A Step-by-Step Plan
• ICD-10 Readiness: 15 Questions to Ask Your Health IT Vendors
• Getting Physician Attention, Buy-in for the ICD-10 Transition
• ICD-10 Training: Start Early, Practice Often
• Communication Crucial to ICD-10 Success
• Five Often-overlooked Benefits of the ICD-10 Transition
• Keep Your Medical Practice in the Black During the ICD-10 Transition
• Eight Warning Signs Your Practice Isn't Ready for ICD-10To view the slides in PDF format, click here.