YouTube: A New Method of Medical Practice Marketing

Stephen Jones, MD, isn't looking to make a name for himself in comedy, he's looking to get patients in the door for their well visits.

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Stephen Jones, MD, isn't looking for a new career in comedy, he just needs kids to come in for their well visits.

Jones, a pediatrician in Greenville, S.C., took a unique approach to try and get more patients in for well visits: video skits. He wrote a script and shot a comedic video that promoted the idea of kids coming in for their pediatric well visits. It featured several cute kids, a few animals, a dance at the end, and a lot of information on why it's important for kids to come in for their checkups.

The video, titled, "Don't be a chicken! Get your checkup," won't get land him a guest spot on Ellen any time soon. But it has done fairly well for a marketing campaign, especially considering Jones' Parkside Pediatrics, where he is a partner, is a small independent physician group and doesn't have the resources of a large health system.

"On Facebook we had over 21,000 views, over 200 likes, and over 100 shares, and then about 5,000 views on YouTube," Jones told the Physicians Practice Pearls Podcast. "The message definitely got out. We've seen our checkup numbers increase and people calling in for appointments."

Jones talked with us about how they decided on making a video for this campaign, why they think it has been successful, plans for a sequel, and he also shares his marketing advice to his fellow small practice physicians.

"There is no harm in trying. Even if you fail, chances are you'll get some messaging out. Just be real clear in what you are trying to communicate. Our practice is highly entrepreneurial in nature, we don't shy away from trying new things…plenty of things we try don't work," Jones says.

Dr. Jones' video: "Don't be a chicken! Get your checkup"