Joel Diamond, MD, FAAFP


Telegenetics helps independents thrive in a COVID-fueled environment

Embrace new tech and clinical services to remain independent while continuing to achieve clinical excellence and business stability.

Ray Blakney


Practice tip of the week: Learning a new language can benefit a physician’s practice

Your weekly dose of wisdom from the Physicians Practice experts.

Terri Steinberg, MD, MBA, FACP, FAMIA


Why medicine needs greater context

The outsized influence of social drivers on health

Audre Mclaughlin, RN


10 Ways to provide your patients with great customer service

Providing great customer service at your medical practice boosts revenue and patient satisfaction. Here are 10 tips.

John Zaudtke
John Zaudtke


AP Automation provides pain management for healthcare finance teams

Medical professionals use advanced technology to deliver optimal patient care on the frontline, but data shows that many business offices in the healthcare industry are hesitant to do the same.

Carrie Horwitch, MD, MPH


The tyranny of EHRs

The EHR, like many new technologies, has capacity to improve the health and safety of our patients. So what can we do to make this happen?

Dan Morhaim, MD


Wrongful life and advance care directives

Failing to observe or ignoring a patient's planning wishes could lead to lawsuits.

Patricia A. Markus, JD


How to prepare for and minimize the impact of cyberattacks

With such a broad range of potential security weaknesses, organizations must take a layered approach to IT security.

Rodrigo Martinez


3 Ways technology can level up your practice’s communication workflows

As patient behaviors evolve, it’s clear that today’s status quo is falling short.

Garrick Slate, MD


Shifting Careers: The sky (or sometimes the airline route) is the limit

Misperceptions and realities about the traveling physician’s role.



Without benchmarking data, practices likely to miscalculate

Benchmarking data can give your practice insight into productivity.

Junella Chin, DO


Integrating medical cannabis into your practice

A guide for physicians from one doctor’s personal experiences.

Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA


I was traumatized by practice - Chances are you have been, too!

Can practicing medicine be considered a traumatic experience and risk factor for post-traumatic stress disorder?

Jean Drouin, MD
Jean Drouin, MD


Q&A: How micro-incentives are helping to advance value-based care

Monetary micro-incentives routed directly to individual clinicians are being used to shift providers into value-based behaviors without the need to re-contract rates or design new payment models.

Roni Berlin


5 Coding mistakes that cost you revenue

Avoid these five common mistakes to avoid losing revenue.

Diana Adler


Clinicians' thoughts on the future of COVID-19

Are we prepared for future waves of the virus? Physicians and advanced practitioners are unsure.

Emily F. Peters


The need for honest stories in patient care

Through storytelling we can create empathy and earn trust.

Sanjeev Agrawal


Advancing tech goals with physician buy-in

Low-hanging administrative tasks prevent physicians from working at “the top of their license” and aggravate burnout.

Matt Erickson


National Locum Tenens Week: How we can continue to facilitate access to care

New nationwide legislation is necessary in the wake of the pandemic.

Linda Genen, MD, MPH


The rise of virtual prenatal and postpartum healthcare

As maternal and infant mortality rates deteriorate, practices should adopt more tools to better serve patients.

Syed Nishat


The best retirement plan for your practice

What comprises the best retirement plan for independent physician practices?

Avishay Bransky, PhD


How artificial intelligence can assist primary care physicians in cancer diagnosis

Rapid abnormal cell count diagnostics could turn the tide of rising cancer death projections.

Peter Reilly


Keeping healthcare workers safe

Violence against health care workers has almost become a routine, if frightening, aspect of their jobs.

Dan Parsons


Healthcare staffing and reimbursement challenges: Automation and AI are here to help

Growing demand for ASCs presents both opportunities and challenges, especially in terms of revenue cycle management and workforce.

Kendra Brummund


Financial success for specialty groups depends on a strong back-end approach

Leading groups look for ways to eliminate confusion not just on the front end, but also on the back end.

Casey Peters


Bridge the gaps between payer and provider by automating your revenue cycle

With the health care industry changing swiftly, automating the revenue cycle can help close the divide between physicians and insurers.

Nicholas Kulbida, MD


Bedside manner remains vitally important during the pandemic

Despite an emphasis on virtual care in the past year, bedside manner is still important for physicians during the pandemic.

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