Kirstan Cecil
Kirstan Cecil


Are clinical trials right for your practice? Assessing the strategic fit

Participating in clinical trials can vastly improve patient outcomes and accelerate your practice’s reputation and ability to attract top-tier talent.

Joel Landau


Is healthtech destined to follow the same path as fintech?

Parallels have been drawn between the healthtech and fintech sectors, with the conclusion being drawn that the former is where the latter had been, just a few years ago.

Daniel DeSalvo, MD


Healthcare technology shouldn’t disappear with COVID19

Continuation of care for chronic conditions is essential.

Lyle Solomon, JD


What physicians need to know about the Healthcare Transparency Act

The healthcare transparency act was recently updated. Here’s what it’s about and its potential consequences.

Michele Bailey


Why you should stress empathy and gratitude in your practice

Although times of true crisis may challenge our ability to experience and express gratitude and empathy, such difficult times also demand that we work on enhancing our capacity for doing so.

Keith Florance
Keith Florance


Q&A: How micro-incentives are helping to advance value-based care

Monetary micro-incentives routed directly to individual clinicians are being used to shift providers into value-based behaviors without the need to re-contract rates or design new payment models.

Jennifer S. Tirnauer, MD


The case for integrating patient perspectives into continuing medical education

A key aspect of medical education is understanding the perspective of the patient being treated.

Drew Smith


4 Insights into revving up rural patient financial engagement—digitally

Digital financial engagement offers significant opportunities to reach patients early in the financial stage of their encounter while lowering administrative costs.

Kishlay Anand, MD, MS


Incorporating modern technology benefits into Medicare Advantage plans

Proactive virtual care is easing the clinical burden of Emergency Department reactive services.

Tina Hsiao, MBA


8 Billing tips for practices

Common mistakes can creep into various steps in the insurance billing process. Correct them and you’ll improve the financial health of your practice.

Anish Sebastian


Data's role in personalized care

Digital health technology has the potential to transform wellness and improve patient outcomes.

Daphne Li


Better Practice, Better Science, Better Healthcare

Regardless of how great any innovation or new venture may seem when it comes to improving the healthcare system, physicians are key to the solution.

Jay Ackerman


AI and value-based care

Technology has potential to improve provider efficiency and patient outcomes.

Ben Albert


3 keys to make the most of your front doors

Patients drawn by new access points need guidance

Brian Eidex


Naloxone: Expanding patient education and access

Prescribers, pharmacists, and payers can use new opioid rules as an opportunity to expand medication access and patient education about the lifesaver.

Risa Weisberg


VR could soon bridge the access gap in mental health

As the demand for mental health care rises, VR could be a key to increasing access.

Bret Larsen


Video Visits versus Virtual Care

The difference lies in more than just the name.

Dan Dooley


Financial clearance, patient advocacy, and the effects of the pandemic on revenue cycle management

Physician’s Practice® presents our conversation Dan Dooley, vice president of physician services at R1—a leading provider of technology--enabled revenue cycle management—about how the pandemic will change revenue cycle management, as well as how practices can achieve financial clearance and thereby further support their patients.

Melissa Gaffney


Industry improvements to prior authorizations

While providers have many legitimate concerns about the PA process, it remains an important tool to help ensure that the care patients obtain is safe, effective, and necessary.

Paul Hoffman


Billing transparency's impact on patients

If physicians address these three pain points in a way that puts patients' needs first, they should be able to create the type of experiences patients will enjoy and tell the world about.

Medhavi Jogi, MD, ECNU


Covid-19's impacts on provider and patient engagement

Results from Luma Health's survey are discussed.

Amanda Hill, JD


How to make more money

Negotiate with knowledge and watch out for pitfalls with billing and side hustles.

Therasa Bell
Therasa Bell


6 Steps you can take now as a provider to address health inequities

If a person’s zip code has more bearing on their wellness than their genetic code, how are healthcare providers supposed to address inequitable outcomes?

Virginia E. Hansen


OIG Telehealth report highlights issues from first year of the pandemic

HHS-OIG shares findings from its review of potential fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare billing for telehealth visits in the first year of the pandemic.

Kevin Mehta


3 Negotiating tips for value-based contracts

Physicians can best prepare for success by working with payers on the right parameters.

Ola Sars


Improve patient experience with background music

The right soundtrack can help patients feel more relaxed, reduce anxiety, and make visits more enjoyable.

Kevin Benner, Ph.D.


Building trust is key to drive digital transformation

Payers and providers must build trust among their patient bases to gain access to more quality data. But trust isn’t built overnight.

Suzie Sfarra


The generative AI revolution in primary care

By building a foundation of trust through personalized care, AI will not only enhance patient-provider relationships but also set new standards for patient loyalty and active participation in health care, leading to reduced no-shows and readmissions.

Angela Jordan


2021 E/M guideline and leveling changes

Why practices should not fear new coding requirements

Walt Hadikin, MD


3 Things physicians should consider when treating long Covid

One significant challenge facing physicians is that the most prominent symptoms of long COVID have been traditionally among the most challenging to treat.

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