Kurt Forsthoefel


The connection between experience and care

By improving exam room design and workflow data and equipment, medical practices can facilitate a better experience for both patients and caregivers.

Neile Grayson


Better Practice, Better Science, Better Healthcare

Regardless of how great any innovation or new venture may seem when it comes to improving the healthcare system, physicians are key to the solution.

Alex Keoskey, Esq.
Alex Keoskey, Esq.


Adverse actions against physicians can bring dire consequences

Complaints against physicians can have major consequences.

A. E. Miller, MD


Physician Writer Search: ‘My Most Unforgettable Patient’

We give you the topic, you give us the essay. Leading off is retired country doctor A.E. Miller, who recalls the patient who helped make him the man he is today.

Aamer Hayat


Surveying Patients For Practice Feedback

If we were going to launch our new endeavor, I had to first figure out a few things. I set about determining what my sister’s existing practice was all about. This required a two step approach: 1) Interviewing the staff, and 2) Interviewing the patients. The goal was to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of Life Wellness, what makes it unique, the challenges presented, and what each group thought should be its direction for the future.

Aaron Elias


Boosting MIPS Scores Sets the Stage for Increased Revenue

An in-depth look at maximizing your quality component on the MIPS pathway of MACRA. How do you choose the right measures?

Aaron Hood


Control ICD-10 Claims and Denials: 4 Tips

Now is the time to act to prevent claims issues, including denials, due to ICD-10. Here are four tips.

Abigail Beckel


Six things to NEVER say to a patient

Here’s your guide to six common phrases physicians too often say to patients.

Abigail Green


The Internet: You’ve Got Mail … Or Do You?

Patients say they want e-mail contact with you. Is it time to make it happen?

Adam Alpers, DO


In-House vs. Outsourced Billing Operations: Which Is Best?

I’ve found the most important factor in deciding between in-house or outsourced billing to be that of your management style.

Adam Katz-Stone


2010 Vision

The generation that changed the way Americans think about free love and the Volkswagen will soon turn its energies in new directions.

Adam Riso, PA-C


Five Ways PAs Can Help Improve EHR Implementation

Physician assistants can help busy physician practices better cope with the frustrations of EHR. Here's how.

Aine Cryts


Atrius Health deploys home-based Covid-19 triage call center

How and why practices can mimic the critical communication service.

Alan Portela


A Ray of Hope with Meaningful Use?

Can the government intervene and save meaningful use? It could vital to saving the program and healthcare interoperability.

Alancia Wynn


We the (Solo and Small Practice) People

One physician explains why she loves being a solo doc and why these types of practices need to unite.

Albert H. Khine, MD


'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the EHR'

When my group practice added a comprehensive electronic health record to our computer system, I was dubious. Slowly, I came to see the benefits to patient care and myself.

Alex Membrillo


Tips for improving your practice's online reputation

Online reputation management is critical for all healthcare practitioners.

Alex Tate


Becoming Friends with Your New EHR System

Here's how medical practices can effectively turn a new EHR system from a stranger to a friend in seven easy steps.

Alice Gosfield


Is Your Group a Group?

Understand how Stark defines a group practice

Alicia Shickle, CHC, CPC, CPCO, CPPM


A To-Do List for Medical Practice Compliance Officers

Every medical practice should have a compliance officer. Here are 15 tasks to assign this important individual.

Allan Frankel


My Turn

In healthcare, the single most important ingredient for achieving patient safety is teamwork.

Alok Prasad


Increasing Productivity with Your EHR: 5 Strategies

EHRs should allow your practice to maintain or improve your productivity. Here are five ways to make sure it doesn't do the opposite.

Alvera Mandavia


Keys to Retaining Employees at Your Medical Practice

Losing a key member of your medical practice staff not only hurts operations, but it can be costly as well. Here are some tips to retain your top employees.

AMA Preferred Providers | Henry Schein Medical


The Solution for a Thriving Physician Practice: A Portfolio of Solutions

Henry Schein helps physician practices save time and money by offering a diverse range of innovative clinical, financial and operational solutions. [Sponsored]

AMA Preferred Providers | Partner Perspectives


Take the Legwork and Guesswork Out of Product Selection

Take advantage of physician resources from companies that are fully vetted, provide full service to physicians, and offer competitive pricing. [Sponsored]

Amanda Chay


Implementing a Physician Liaison Program

Losing referrals to the local hospital? Here's one marketing tool to retain patients and revenue.

Amanda Gareis


Five Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practice

Be proactive about building your medical practice with these five surprisingly simple tips to attract new patients.

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