Samant Virk, MD


Telehealth solutions: Top questions for physician practices to consider

Physician practices should consider these five major categories of capabilities to examine in any telehealth solution.

Roland Therriault


This world is on FHIR

What the new HL7 interoperability standards means for providers.

Steve Costalas


Diagnosing rare diseases with AI and machine learning

Exponential healthcare data growth increases the chances of earlier rare disease diagnosis and treatment.

Michael Toebe


Simple tasks to significantly improve your practice’s online reputation

How changes to basic processes in your practice can have a positive impact.

Luke Willadsen


Preventing cyberattacks is a team effort

What you need to know to make your practice cyber-resilient.

Sophia Barnes


Women will make STEM environments more equitable, humane

Involvement in change efforts can help reduce gender biases and discrimination. 

Gee Mathen


Pharmacy automation empowers physicians too

If the physician is the captain of a patient’s care, then a fully automated pharmacy is key to running a very tight ship.

Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH


Machine Learning in healthcare: A physician’s perspective

Clinicians must assume business leadership roles to create a better patient-centered health future.

Wayne Jonas, MD


Combating burnout in physician practices

Physicians Practice® spoke with Dr. Wayne Jonas about the rise in reported burnout among physicians, especially during the pandemic, and how the industry can work to overcome stigmas and begin to address these issues.

Katherine P. Redmond


Steps to improve physician engagement

Physician engagement is key to clinical and financial performance.

Aaron Smith


PPE composition: Variations matter

Not all PPE materials are created equal and composition will change how you use this equipment in your workplace.

Daniel Tashnek, JD


Commercial payers beginning to define coverage of RPM and RTM

Given the currently released policies and where we see the market going, we see three major stances insurance companies can and will take.

Ray Raven, MD, MHCI, MBA


Embracing digital technology in the ASC

Physicians are still reluctant to embrace the technologies that will ease burdens.

Tashfeen Ekram, MD


Covid-19's impacts on provider and patient engagement

Results from Luma Health's survey are discussed.

Mark Shah, MD


Lessons learned from past health crises

How we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Carla D’Angelo


CMS provides relief for quality reporting amid COVID-19 crisis

CMS is working to reduce bureaucratic efforts that create barriers for health care professionals who are prioritizing patient care over paperwork.

Evan King


CMS provides relief for quality reporting amid COVID-19 crisis

CMS is working to reduce bureaucratic efforts that create barriers for health care professionals who are prioritizing patient care over paperwork.

Ayme Zemke


How to navitgate physician burnout with purpose and clarity

44 percent of doctors report burnout, with 15 percent reporting colloquial or clinical depression.

Amy Anderson, MBA


7 ways to increase patient payments

Practices who fail to be proactive about collecting from patients will predictably experience a tsunami of accounts receivable.

John Harrison


Document Automation, Data Extraction for Independent Practices

Physicians Practice® spoke with John Harrison, CCO of Concord Technologies, about how documentation technologies can improve workflows in practices.

Keith Elgart


How membership medicine fits into a post-COVID medical practice

The current health crisis may slowly diminish in the coming months, but the need for convenient telemedicine and strong, stable medical practices that can put patients first will not.

Rose Wagner, RN


Preparing now for patient access post-COVID-19

A structured, data-driven approach will ensure success.

Carolyn Buonomo


Locum tenens bridging gaps in care on the frontlines

How physicians are directly or virtually assisting the battle against COVID-19.

Troy Young


Cybersecurity: Protection amid the pandemic

Risks are evolving, here's how to keep your patients and employees safe.

Sarah Stubee


Key considerations for every physician before acquiring a practice

Opportunities will abound in a calmer economic climate, but start thinking of these questions now.

Mark Spera


Teletherapy seeing a surge as a result of pandemic lockdowns

Longtime programs become new lifesavers in a time of crisis.

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