5 Tech Trends Pediatrics

Pediatricians face challenges unlike any other specialists - from helping patients too young to articulate issues to factoring parents' wishes into care plans - and must constantly balance the clinical aspects of caring for our smallest patients with the need to stay afloat in an environment that is making it increasingly hard to do so.

Mounting industry pressures like escalating costs, a deteriorating payer mix, the transition to ICD-10, and rising administrative burdens are cutting into the time pediatricians can dedicate to patient care and causing significant physician burnout. Unsurprisingly, in the CareCloud/QuantiaMD 2013 Practice Profitability Index, almost one third of pediatricians said they expect their practice's profitability to trend "somewhat negatively" or "very negatively" over the next year.

As pediatricians look for ways to gain footing, taking steps like adopting new technologies or replacing legacy systems is key to reducing administrative burdens, freeing up more time for patients, and improving financial results. In "5 Tech Trends Driving Pediatric Practices," you'll learn about five critical technologies that help pediatricians run their practices more efficiently, profitably and enjoyably.

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