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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Healthcare Marketing


Here are a few reasons why practices need to invest in digital healthcare marketing over traditional methods.

To take your practice to new heights, you need to have a strong marketing strategy. For customer satisfaction, you need to offer quality care and good treatment, but for your practice's outreach, you need to make more people know about you and that's possible only through marketing. Although the benefits of digital marketing outweigh traditional marketing, both have their own significance.

Marketing goals

Before deciding between digital and traditional marketing or both, you need to set your goals for launching a marketing plan. For instance:

  • To strengthen your presence and publicize your services in your locality
  • To increase your patient base
  • To thank your existing patients and offer facilities to them
  • To increase referrals from other doctors, etc.

Once you are done with setting goals, it's time to decide the marketing type to put into practice.

Traditional healthcare marketing

Traditional marketing includes marketing through television, newspaper, and radio advertisements. Brochures and event marketing are some other ways of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing always follows the 'push marketing' concept. In digital marketing, the 'pull' strategy is followed.

Digital healthcare marketing

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. More than 70 percent of people use online reviews for finding a physician or making a physical visit. People avoid visiting a doctor with no online presence. Digital marketing can involve creating a website, using search engine optimization, PPC (pay-per-lick), email marketing, social media, YouTube advertising, etc. Let's discuss its advantages in more detail below.

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