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Improve Patient Relations by Employing Johnson & Johnson Techniques


While J&J is a product-based company, its methods of connecting with consumers can easily be translated to medical practices. Here are four strategies.

Johnson & Johnson recently released the first of 40-plus videos communicating its promise to remove controversial ingredients from its products. The “Our Promise” campaign will be its biggest ever social media effort to reach millennial moms. While J&J is a product-based company, its methods of connecting with consumers can easily be translated to healthcare. 

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Here are four elements of the J&J campaign that practices can learn from:

1. Build trust through commonality. 
J&J: One of the strongest aspects of the Johnson and Johnson campaign is its effort to make the brand relatable. "We are moms, dads, parents just like you," according to text in the video. "We heard your concern about certain ingredients in our products. Although always safe, for your peace of mind, we removed them."

Applying it to your practice: Humanizing your practice by reminding patients that you have the same health concerns that they do, helps to build trust and makes your practice more relatable. To create a, “We’re in this together” mentality, branded messages (both print and online) should emphasize that your providers and employees understand what patients’ concerns are, and experience the same needs and worries.

2. Acknowledge patient comments.
J&J: Johnson & Johnson makes it a point to let consumers know that it islistening to feedback and making improvements based on the public’s needs and concerns.

Applying it to your practice: Communicate that your practice has heard patients’ suggestions and that you are working toward making a better solution. This is especially important for comments or poor reviews that are publicly shared via social media. Not only will effective communication improve your practice, it will let patients know that they are valued.

3. Share messaging across channels.
J&J: Johnson & Johnson employees will be asked to share the video through their own social-networking channels as the video is publicized internally, said spokeswoman Lori Dolginoff. "It will be a direct call to action." Videos will also be shared on the company’s YouTube channel and other branded social media sites. 

Applying it to your practice: Content should not only be shared on your practice’s website, but also on social media channels and on printed flyers or brochures in your office. Asking employees for assistance in sharing content on their social media channels will drive home that changes are personal and important to them.

4. Educate patients.
J&J: In addition to creating videos featuring the “Our Safety Promise” message, Johnson & Johnson is working a “MythConceptions” and “Did You Know" series. These initiatives will educate consumers on how products are made, including information about ingredients.

Applying it to your practice: Share tips for staying healthy or educate patients on conditions that are frequently treated. Communicating the process for treatment is an excellent way of building trust and sharing valuable information with the public. This also creates more transparency for practices by providing patients or future patients insight into your thought process. While video is a great way to share information, graphics, blog posts, or social media posts can also be used.  

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