The Simple Formula for Successful Medical Practice Marketing

The C.U.R.E.S method can help medical practices retain and attract more patients.

Recently I was asked to give a speech on practice growth and success, and in the preparation for that speech I developed a formula I call the C.U.R.E.S. Formula for Practice Growth and Success. This formula can help guide your practice to successful marketing.

The “C” stands for Cultivate. Essentially in order to grow and sustain a successful practice, you must cultivate a community around it. This community is the pool in which you pull referrals from and attract new patients.

The “U” stands for Unbelievable. You must provide each patient unbelievable service so that they want to come back to your practice, and so that they talk about you and your phenomenal team to their friends, family, and even their community.

The “R” stands for Revenue.  Revenue is the bottom line. You got into medicine to help people, so it may feel funny to think in terms of “the bottom line” but without revenue and profit, you have to close your doors, and then you can’t help anyone. You must be looking at new ways to provide excellent patient care and new revenue streams to survive and prosper in this market.

The “E” stands for Evolution. Medicine is evolving, from how practices must code and bill, to how patients are insured, to how physicians are paid. How you market your practice must evolve as well. If you fall behind, particularly in the area of attracting new patients, you will not create a sustainable practice.

Finally, “S” is for Systemization. This means you must have the systems in place to curate the conversation, cultivate the community, provide unbelievable service, and increase revenue.  Success does not happen without a system to ensure everything and everyone is functioning properly.