Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH


Physicians are needed for jobs outside of patient care

Nonclinical positions are available in a number of industries and sectors

Michael Parisi


Small practice security risks on the rise: How to fight back

Hackers aren't only targeting large health systems anymore.

Chad Peterson


Axe the fax, leverage secure messaging

New messaging services offer higher value and flexibility, while empowering both your staff and patients.

Joshua Tarkoff, MD, MBA


Better physician communications decrease burnout, promotes better outcomes

Secure communications platforms can help reduce the hassle of trying to communicate with physicians, other care providers, staff, and patients.

Brad C. Moody, JD


How to prepare for and minimize the impact of cyberattacks

With such a broad range of potential security weaknesses, organizations must take a layered approach to IT security.

Joan Naidorf, DO


A new approach to difficult patients

Patients deserve our respect no matter the circumstances

Andy Ellner, MD, MSc


How primary care can survive

Primary care is inefficient, inconvenient, and often inaccessible, optimized neither for patient experience nor positive outcomes.

Ian D. Maltzman, MHSA, COE


Hiring the right practice manager

Hiring a good administrator is as important as hiring a good physician. But, how do you find the right administrator for your practice?

Ravi Kumrah


Bad medical debt

Making a cultural shift in terms of patient payments and bad debt isn’t easy, but it helps both those giving and receiving care.

Heidi Jannenga


The unexpected drivers of patient retention

More than good bedside manner is needed.

Navaneeth Nair


How the new CMS changes will impact physician practices with CDSM and AI

How changes may affect independent physician practices.

Lisa Hedges


3 Solutions to staff turnover at your practice

These tips can keep you from seeking new staff.

Chelsea King Arthur


Consider the patient experience

Actionable patient data lives in your digital engagement tools — use it!

Abboud Chaballout


Three ways artificial machine learning will impact medical coding

Computational resources are catching up with all of the healthcare data that’s been accumulating.

James “JJ” Maskowitz


Minimizing litigation risk in the post-COVID era

Now is a good time to step back and bring this fresh mindset to reassessing policies and procedures

Joe Ferro


2021 E/M guideline and leveling changes

Why practices should not fear new coding requirements

Kara Hartl, MD


Hybrid telehealth and rural care

This hybrid model successfully addresses the primary obstacles to high-quality care that rural patients and their doctors face.

Matt Mesnick, MD
Matt Mesnick, MD


The payer-provider partnership: AI a bridge to better outcomes

The crux of payer-provider collaboration lies in alignment.

Caroline DeFilippo, MD, MPH, FACP


Addressing patient suicide risks in your practice

Physicians Practice® spoke with Dr. Anisha Abraham, author of the book "Raising Global Teens: A Practical Handbook for Parenting in the 21st Century", about signs that a patient may be at risk of suicide and self-harm as well as interventions and communication methods physicians can employ in the clinical setting.

Tammy Graves


Making omnichannel work for health care

Health care organizations must make the leap from providing siloed channels of care to putting the consumer in the driver’s seat, with access to a seamless, integrated experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Jeffery Springer


The need for whole health data

Many practices have yet to access the data with the greatest potential to impact patient outcomes and their own financial success.

Mark Gingrich


AI can minimize clinician burnout

The purpose of any technology is to improve a process or solve a problem. Is AI ready for that role?

Alexis E. Gallati


The best tax strategies for your business

Medical practices have many legal tax-reduction strategies available to them and the strategies are not limited to the ultra-rich.

Jay Anders, MD
Jay Anders, MD


Caring must be prioritized over coding

Is the coding taking priority over the caring?

Mark Spinner


Empowering patients with better mobile payments experiences

We know patients are the new payers. Here are 3 ways a physician practice can adjust to that with a patient-centric, mobile-powered payment experience.

Drew Franklin


Turning cancellations into revenue

A new scheduling system can revolutionize medical practice

Jason Stein, MD


RCM best practices and the potential for AI assistance

Practices need to have better analytics and more efficient workflows from the start to the end of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) pipeline.

Carl Knopke, MD, FOMA, FAAFP


Billing and coding in obesity medicine

Though similar to other specialties, some billing codes are unique for behavioral therapy.

Alfredo Rosing


6 Ways physician funding can help grow your practice

With the proper funding, these actions can make your medical practice boom.

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