Zachary Kulow


Automating accounts payable

How new technology is curing ailments and streamlining processes in one practice’s AP department.

Tenia L. Clayton, JD


CMS approves new group information form under self-referral disclosure protocol

Recently finalized changes to the Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol for physician practices to disclose group practice noncompliance under the Stark Law.

Suela Sulo, PhD, MS


A three-step nutrition intervention model associated with better health outcomes and reduced costs

There is an urgent need to institute policies and practices that systemically address malnutrition.

Rob Press


Recent changes in healthcare shift work improving mental wellbeing

Automation is improving communication, flexibility, and work-life balance.

Faisal Mushtaq


Cloud-based interoperability will accelerate clinical outcomes

Consumer demand, the shift to value-based care, and the regulatory push for transparency are fueling the need for seamless integration and data sharing only achieved with cloud-based interoperability.

Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS
Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS


Prediction: Virtual care growth will remain steady in 2023

Virtual care is simply too valuable - and necessary - not to become an increasingly important part of healthcare going forward.

William Hefley, MD


How to overcome 3 top revenue cycle challenges in 2022

These solutions can see you through some of the greatest revenue cycle challenges this year.

Evan Morgan


Tax planning considerations for physicians and practices

From PPP loans to lease and loan modifications, companies have a lot of new variables to consider as they plan out their tax planning.

Joseph Stabile


Financial planning impacts from the pandemic

For many high-earners, the pandemic brought forth an important reminder of the fundamentals when it comes to building wealth.

Laurie Zabel, CHC, CPC


Healthcare Compliance: 7 elements for an effective program

A compliance program is important in this day-and-age, thanks to increasing amounts of healthcare fraud as well as payment reform.

Rashida Salahuddin


Why healthcare must navigate the muddy waters of ESG requirements

The global capital markets have more of an appetite for sustainability than marketing.

Rajesh Voddiraju
Rajesh Voddiraju


Patient as a payer: Practice solutions to deliver comfort, confidence, and convenience

As the prevalence of high deductible health plans has increased, patients are responsible for a greater portion of their medical bills.

Waseem Ghannam, MD


Embrace telehealth and virtual visits to enhance the patient experience

Patient desire for virtual visits will likely not diminish. But when it comes to telehealth, what do providers desire?

Melissa Mullamphy
Melissa Mullamphy


Burnout's impact on patient care

One woman's story illustrates the importance of patient care, even when you're burned out.

M. Anderson Berry, Esq.


COVID Testing: What’s appropriate and what’s not

Stay vigilant about schemes and submissions of false claims.

Adam E. Block


Turning cancellations into revenue

A new scheduling system can revolutionize medical practice

Zach Henderson


Jumping into remote patient monitoring

What you need to know about RPM before taking the plunge.

Christian Habermann, MBA


Artificial Intelligence could minimize damage from a growing nursing shortage

AI can decrease strain on nurses and other healthcare professionals and allow them focus on the tasks technology cannot address.

Meade Monger


Conquering the Mount Everest of billing and collections

Make your practice financially healthy while making your patients physically and mentally healthy.

Andria Jacobs, RN, MS, CEN, CPHQ


Robust billing software can maximize reimbursements, keep practices honest

CMS has been playing hardball regarding claims, which should keep everyone honest while saving the federal government money.

David Lareau


Best practices for implementing interoperability in your practice

Things owners and administrators should know when preparing for interoperability in their practice.

Beth Goodman


Let nurses focus on care, not tracking down data

Now is the time to support the creation of a statewide health information exchange network.

Rachael Sauceman


Is Google Analytics HIPAA-compliant?

Don't let your new tools have you run afoul of HIPAA regulations.

Mark Denissen


Improving patient care with rich data

How cellular technologies and remote patient monitoring are improving patient care.

Pamela Kohl


Short-term vs. long-term small business funding for medical practices

Between banks, SBA loans, and alternative funding, it can be difficult to choose the funding that best suits your practice’s needs.

Bethany Williams


The case for gamifying pediatric chronic condition management

For the more than 21 million children living with chronic conditions, adherence to these types of treatment plans and medication regimens is an indelible daily part of their young lives.

Lynnette Hessling, MSHI, RHIA


The hazards of erroneous documentation

Precise patient documentation is critical to communicating a patient's condition, organizing their healthcare records, and facilitating payer reimbursement

James R. Embrey, Jr, JD


Telemedicine and telehealth litigation risk rises as demand soars

One of the biggest risks is the act of practicing medicine virtually and the challenges of virtual examinations, reviewing diagnostics, communicating with the patient, loss of contextual clues, etc.

Colin Carr


How to lower your monthly rent during a lease renewal negotiation

For the majority of practices, real estate is the second highest expense behind payroll.

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