Julie C. Servoss, MD, MPH


3 Tools to optimize patient engagement in private practice

Adopting the right technology can help allocate or reallocate time from physicians and staff to focus on patient engagement and satisfaction.

Leia Spoor


The necessity of telehealth advances

Use data to track how patients want to interact and how insurers will cover costs as 'hybrid' becomes the new normal.

Pat Edmonds


Bending the healthcare cost curve in spite of the crisis

A model for re-focusing on the value stream through your existing resource pool.

Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA


Going the extra mile to make patients feel welcome

Making patients feel secure and cared for is what we strive for every day.

Raghunathan Rajagopalan FLMI, AAPA, ARA™, ACS, CLTC®


Four considerations for physician disability policies

Protecting the investment you’ve made in your career and your ability to earn income is essential.

Matt Lambert, MD


No doctor is an island

Giving physicians the tools they need to succeed on the road.

Ram Krishnan
Ram Krishnan


Making a smooth transition: EHR migration best practices

It’s critical to thoroughly plan the EHR migration process.

Kelsey O'Hagan


A medical student’s advice for current and hopeful students

A third-year medical student at CareMount Medical, shares her advice for current and hopeful medical students.

Lee Barrett


Small practice security risks on the rise: How to fight back

Hackers aren't only targeting large health systems anymore.

Jaci Haack


5 ways to reengage patients in the COVID19 era

It is critical to provide crystal clear communications along every step, including where they should park and how to check-in upon arrival.

Melissa Easy


The key to reducing administrative burden for clinical trials

Sponsors can play an especially critical role in alleviating the three key challenges facing clinical trial site administrators today.

John Squeo


Creating a digital front door

Developing an effective digital front door takes more than just technical knowledge.

Lisa Hannum


Transform organizational cultures to reduce physician burnout

The cost of physician burnout is escalating as COVID-19 and the demand on our healthcare systems skyrockets. It is more important than ever for leaders to prioritize taking care of those who take care of their communities.

Corinne McCarthy


Best practices for managing your practice and provider listings in organic search

If you properly manage your online listings, you can also grow your visibility and reach more potential customers.

Lynn Carroll


Capitation payment model: Reining in costs while improving outcomes

But contracts require close alignment between primary care and specialist providers to succeed.

Oleg Bess, MD


The problem with duplicate and mismatched patient records

Take action to ensure accuracy of patient information

Bernard Esquivel, MD, PhD


Weight loss medications and the need to prioritize patient safety

Recently, demand for medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro, including their off-label use, has skyrocketed in the wake of enthusiastic celebrity endorsements.

Beth Socoski


Preparing for the Next Phase of Telehealth: What physician practices need to consider

Patient preferences and needs have changed, and physician practices will need to level up their virtual care offerings to accommodate them.

Rich Miller


Managing your practice's clinical capacity

Physicians Practice® spoke with Rich Miller, chief strategy officer of Qgenda, about practices' clinical capacity management during the pandemic and what you can do to optimize your capacity management strategies.

Valentina Synenka
Valentina Synenka


Training staff to stop hackers

Now that technological advancements exist all around us, sometimes a click is all it would take to hack, corrupt, and wipe out an entire database filled with important details and records of people.

Hariharasudan Neelarathinam


Dealing with prior authorization

Prior authorization should, when used, follow a uniform, automated procedure to lessen the load on doctors and health plans

Angie Villamaria


Creating a personalized experience for patients

The pandemic has reinforced the idea that the best patient care can be achieved through communication, collaboration, and data integration

Sarah Bennight


Attract new customers with hybrid communication

What patients want is a single and rewarding patient experience across all touchpoints, which can be best achieved by following these hybrid communication best practices.

Steve Avery


Surprise Billing in Your Practice

Physician's Practice® spoke with Steve Avery, president and chief client officer at Abeo, about the practice of surprise billing—a practice that can present complications for, patients, providers, and the practice as a whole.

Jeff Schill


The keys to reducing violence in health care settings

Learning to manage emotions and recognize needs of others lessens the tension that causes aggressive behavior.

Robert A. Gabbay


Why physicians must lead the care team

The health system must rethink its strategy to enable primary care providers to develop better game plans for chronic disease patients, such as people living with type 2 diabetes.

Mike Linnert


Four best practices for your Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) engagement campaigns

Only a quarter of Medicare and Medicare Advantage recipients receive an annual wellness visit.

Lance Goudzwaard


Fixing the broken coding system

Medical billing and collection is a broken system with far-reaching negative consequences-it’s about time we got down to fixing it.

Carl "Buzz" Thompson


How air-quality science can improve physician practice office safety

Apply lessons from this discipline to create safer care environments for your patients.

Matt Seefeld


Making the most out of limited staff resources and optimizing bottom-line performance with effective intelligence

A first-hand look at how data analytics and workflow automation transformed revenue cycle for Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

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