Zach Henderson


Jumping into remote patient monitoring

What you need to know about RPM before taking the plunge.

Christian Habermann, MBA


Artificial Intelligence could minimize damage from a growing nursing shortage

AI can decrease strain on nurses and other healthcare professionals and allow them focus on the tasks technology cannot address.

Meade Monger


Revolutionizing healthcare efficiency through automated coding solutions

Even while other industries made the digital transition, clipboards and paper forms were still common sites in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices

Andria Jacobs, RN, MS, CEN, CPHQ


Robust billing software can maximize reimbursements, keep practices honest

CMS has been playing hardball regarding claims, which should keep everyone honest while saving the federal government money.

David Lareau


Unlocking the potential of EHRs for clinical decision-making

While EHRs provide alerts for potential errors and side effects, they fail to offer the broader clinical context physicians need.

AlGene P. Caraulia


10 Ways to deal with patients in crisis

Being empathetic and respectful are keys to defusing potentially dangerous situations with patients.

Beth Goodman


Let nurses focus on care, not tracking down data

Now is the time to support the creation of a statewide health information exchange network.

Rachael Sauceman


Is Google Analytics HIPAA-compliant?

Don't let your new tools have you run afoul of HIPAA regulations.

Mark Denissen


Improving patient care with rich data

How cellular technologies and remote patient monitoring are improving patient care.

Pamela Kohl


Short-term vs. long-term small business funding for medical practices

Between banks, SBA loans, and alternative funding, it can be difficult to choose the funding that best suits your practice’s needs.

Bethany Williams


The case for gamifying pediatric chronic condition management

For the more than 21 million children living with chronic conditions, adherence to these types of treatment plans and medication regimens is an indelible daily part of their young lives.

Lynnette Hessling, MSHI, RHIA


The hazards of erroneous documentation

Precise patient documentation is critical to communicating a patient's condition, organizing their healthcare records, and facilitating payer reimbursement

James R. Embrey, Jr, JD


Telemedicine and telehealth litigation risk rises as demand soars

One of the biggest risks is the act of practicing medicine virtually and the challenges of virtual examinations, reviewing diagnostics, communicating with the patient, loss of contextual clues, etc.

Yakov Ozer


Advising on longevity

There's no finish line when we talk about healthy lifespan extension.

Meg Underwood


Increasing productivity through talent management

Is your practice as productive as it could be?

Colin Carr


How to lower your monthly rent during a lease renewal negotiation

For the majority of practices, real estate is the second highest expense behind payroll.

Jeff Brandes


Bringing the real world into the exam room

Why whole-person health begins with non-clinical needs.

Daniel Fernendez


Practice tip of the week: Five tips for improving your practice’s reputation

Your weekly dose of wisdom from the Physicians Practice experts.

Harvey Jenner
Harvey Jenner


The benefits of acquiring new real world data for medical special societies and patient advocacy organizations

Increased access to patient-centric data sources such as electronic health records, patient reported outcomes, claims data, and genomic data is driving a renewed interest in patient registries as a potential nexus for a more holistic view of the patient experience.

Jack Kain, PharmD


Is more testing the answer to a growing drug misuse crisis?

Is testing the right way to tackle the growing drug misuse problem in the U.S.?

Julianne Rice


Four smart investments physicians should consider in 2021

One good method of saving and earning is through investing. Here are four options you can consider.

Terry Bauer


Concierge practices becoming more viable

Surge in membership medicine opportunities fueled by administrative challenges, reimbursement reductions, operating cost escalation and retiring concierge physicians.

Jason Burum


Strengthen care by building authentic partnerships with patients

Today’s patients are savvy healthcare consumers seeking access to trusted healthcare content and digital health technology that empowers them to make educated care decisions throughout their health and wellness journey.

Max Burger, MD


My last patient

A recently retired physician reflects on his last patient and the healthcare system.

Anthony Mikulaschek


Embracing an eCOA strategy: Making the switch from paper diaries

Thanks to being faster, on-demand, and more customizable, decentralized clinical trials are here to stay.

Peter Angood, MD


The need for physician leadership

Today’s health care environment presents outstanding opportunities for physicians to develop lasting improvements in care delivery by demonstrating and providing leadership.

Rakhi Dimino, MD


Combating a culture of perpetual burnout

Physicians can take a note from professional athletes

John Moran


Self-care and general health tips for medical professionals

The following self-care and general health tips will keep you prioritizing your health and not just the health of your patients.

Carlos Melendez
Carlos Melendez


Nutrition labels: Ensuring AI transparency, accountability in healthcare

Nutrition labels in healthcare are intended to provide transparency to doctors, clinicians and other health professionals so they can make informed decisions about how they use it.

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