Taylor Goucher


Take advantage of the global talent pool without setting up an offshore subsidiary

Access to global talent enables companies to broaden their talent search, build business continuity across geographies, and shift cost structures.

Shawn Miele


Winning the battle for the click: A guide for physician practices

With the easy days of organic search behind us, physician practices, including aesthetic and dental groups, will need to employ more powerful digital marketing strategies to stay competitive.

Drex DeFord


Cybersecurity breach reports low during the pandemic

The results of a recent cybersecurity report by CCI Security

Diane Psaras


Supporting Staff During COVID-19: HR Tips and Strategies

HR professionals who manage physicians’ practices—if they haven’t already—must reshape the workplace each and every day.

Michelle Chang


Making omnichannel work for health care

Health care organizations must make the leap from providing siloed channels of care to putting the consumer in the driver’s seat, with access to a seamless, integrated experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Michael Brickman, MD


3 Tips for preventing patient burnout

Burnout can create a ripple effect across practices when it leads to less empathetic patient encounters, rushed appointments and increased wait times.

James Enriquez


The CARES Act and Net Operating Losses

The CARES Act’s amendment to the Net Operating Losses rules can provide some additional liquidity and potential tax rate arbitrage in a time of need.

d'Artagnan Osborne


How your payment process impacts the patient experience

More and more providers have experienced diminished returns as patient payments languish due to outdated, ineffective communication methods which do not meet today’s patient expectations.

Mustafa Öger


How mobile apps are transforming the patient-doctor experience

Mobile apps have completely changed the medical field by providing healthcare professionals a safe, streamlined way to connect with patients and colleagues from anywhere. While virtual visits won’t completely replace seeing patients in person, doctors will need to equip their practices with up-to-date tech to keep up with the competition and patient demands.

Michael O’Connell, MHA, FACHE, FACMPE


Rev up your practice’s revenue

Cost-saving initiatives that you need to know

Lee Hilborne, MD, MPH


Laboratory Stewardship: The missing piece of care your practice can’t ignore

Laboratory testing is the backbone of many clinical decisions. Laboratory stewardship helps ensure testing is used for the right patients when it is truly needed.

Shawn Dickerson


Here’s how to prevent phishing attacks on your medical practice

The illegal business of malicious cybercriminals is profitable and growing at an alarming rate, and the healthcare segment is a top target.

Todd Davis


Tailoring your practice’s RCM to changing times

Many physician practices are still running their RCM program like it’s 2019. It’s time to get up to speed with the ‘new normal’ in claims and collections.

Matt Marek


Technology adds hope for mental health in the midst of national crises

Three ways to help your patients who may be suffering in silence.

Larry Siegel
Larry Siegel


Value-based care services plant roots in the evolving healthcare landscape

A CEO's insights on growth in the retail medical market.

Neil R. Hoyt, Sr.


Reignite your passion for medicine

Physician transformation is possible with concierge medicine.

Raki K. Pai, MD
Raki K. Pai, MD


6 Ways to curb physician burnout

Physicians must lead a team effort to generate support at every level of the organization.

Chris Pierce


Achieve a financial rebound by restoring your revenue cycle

Four specific and proactive measures a practice can implement to better position its organization for long-term success.

Judi Mitchell
Judi Mitchell


Risk assessment in health care IT: The role of compliance in protecting patients

Failure to pay attention to the security of health IT could put practices at risk.

John Machata, MD


Is there a future for small independent practices?

If the choice of personal medical care offered by small practices is to be preserved, the rules of the game must change.

Bruce D. Armon


HHS-OIG releases Medicaid Fraud Control Units 2022 annual report

The Report highlights the important role of MFCUs in investigating and prosecuting Medicaid provider fraud, patient abuse, and neglect, and the results of the MFCUs’ work, including in obtaining healthcare fraud criminal convictions, exclusions from federal programs, and civil settlements and recoveries.

Rick Halton


Patient access leadership challenges during the pandemic

Rick Halton, VP of Marketing and Product at Lumeon, discusses results from their survey on patient access challenges faced by healthcare leaders during the pandemic.

Juan Pablo Segura


Will a lack of reimbursement end the rise of virtual care?

What providers and practice managers need to do to ensure the continued growth of these services.

Chandra Kalle
Chandra Kalle


4 Ways to protect your practice against cybersecurity threats in the new year

Healthcare is one of the most attractive industries for cyberattacks.



Patient engagement is the first step in getting paid

Patient engagement begins by recognizing that greater responsibility for payment has also led to greater expectation and choice on the part of patients.

Pouria Sanae


Cloud-based CRMs and vaccines

Healthcare needs a sophisticated infrastructure in place now and after the pandemic.

Dave S. Gilreath


Financial apocalypse isn’t upon us

Fear that a market-punishing recession is right around the corner seems ubiquitous.

Keith Gruebele


Risks and liabilities of patient lending programs

Risks involve both legal and competitive aspects of your business.

Mark Allara, MD


Practice tip of the week: Webside Manner 101

Your weekly dose of wisdom from the Physicians Practice experts.

Jessica Sweeney-Platt


Pandemic Lessons: How to successfully sustain telehealth long-term

In an environment of ongoing change and uncertainty, virtual care is a powerful, permanent option for patients and physicians alike.

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