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For those that have everything, give the gift of beauty and nutrition

Find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list this season, no matter your budget. Browse our holiday gift guide for Mom, the guys, teens, and more!

Doron Schneider, MD, MBA, FACP


Establishing quality incentives and payments

How practices can establish quality incentives and quality payments.

Joel Theisen


Fixing the patient satisfaction problem

Health care ultimately must be about customer care.

David Lee


Healthcare data sharing needs a major overhaul

The healthcare ecosystem exhibits a clear void in efficient data and file sharing technology

Andre Chatelain


How accessible, public eLearning can change the conversation about eating disorders

Plugging an outdated slide presentation into a website is not an effective method of conveying information. Well-formed eLearning is different.

Matt Racki


Drive patient retention with Remote Patient Monitoring

Five tips for a successful RPM program.

Cody Cargill


Close partnerships between primary and virtual care providers needed to deliver optimal chronic disease care

Clinicians and their care teams lack the time and resources to manage chronic diseases optimally.

Joe Martinez, RN


The rise of contextual care and telehealth

For the first time, clinicians have been able to get a “behind the scenes look” into their patient’s environment during telehealth visits.

Paul Pino


How integrated approaches to home care can benefit patients

As the home care industry evolves to serve even more pre-acute and post-acute patients, an integrated approach to home care services is needed now more than ever.

Andrea Carmine


How alternative funding can help medical practices upgrade equipment

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are a popular option for medical practices looking to purchase new equipment, but these loans have a long application process and extensive paperwork requirements.

Stephanie Sheps, JD


Regulatory Updates and New Claim Threats with Stephanie Sheps, JD

A brief overview of some of the key regulatory updates enacted during the pandemic

Vance Vanier


“Waiting out” COVID-19 is not a solution for outpatient care

While the healthcare sector’s initial call to postpone elective care procedures was understandable at the time, it was never meant to develop into a long-term policy.

Kathleen Winston, PhD, RN


Why healthcare providers need a telehealth 2.0 strategy

COVID-19 supercharged what had been a typically slow but steady adoption of telehealth.

Ogi C. Kwon, JD, MHA


Preparing for price transparency requirements and patient demands

Stay ahead of regulators, proactively address growing consumerism demands, and provide patients with price transparency before it is required.

Mary Kate Fernandez


Remedying the doctor shortage with the J-1 visa waiver

What is Conrad 30 and how can it help your state?

Ray Pelosi


In-house lab testing: The costs and benefits

In-house testing laboratories can be profitable for physicians and give patients an enhanced care experience.

George M. Sanders, JD


My Practice is Being Squeezed by the Local Hospital: Litigation as a last resort

Competition is a rough process, but it still has to be fair, which is why antitrust laws were created.

Kristin Russell, MD
Kristin Russell, MD


Addressing barriers to medication adherence

While medications are one of the key tools physicians have for preventing and treating disease, there are financial, cultural, and structural barriers that prevent the prescriptions we write from being filled and used.

Aimee Leidich


Trends and innovations in primary care payment, delivery models

Many practices are looking to the flexibility of direct primary care.

Paul Joiner


Improving the prior authorization process

Physician's Practice spoke with Paul Joiner, chief operating officer of Availity, to discuss the implications of an American Medical Association survey and find out how you can improve your prior authorization processes.

Missy Plohr-Memming


What burned out workers really want from employers

As healthcare worker burnout is on the rise and job satisfaction falls at twice the rate of other sectors, it’s clear healthcare employers may be underestimating the level of support needed across the industry.

Duane Feger


Making the most of value-based care

Six strategies for profitability with new payment models.

Jeff Brunken


Disability Income Protection: Prepare for the unexpected

Getting the right income protection insurance takes a considerable weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what matters most—healing others.

Terry Ciesla


Improving healthcare delivery through human revenue cycle management

As the human side of revenue cycle management becomes more of a growing concern, medical practices, hospitals, and health systems are seeking alternative solutions, including virtually accessible, remote administrative support.

Benjamin Daniels


Second Circuit affirms HHS rejection of direct copayment assistance under anti-kickback statute

The decision addressed a proposed direct copayment assistance program of a pharmaceutical manufacturer which sought to help patients pay for an expensive drug.

Trish Rivard


Online appointment scheduling: A missed chance to boost patient satisfaction

Why providers need to invest more in online scheduling and recommendations on where to start.

Martin Trautschold


Tech Talk: Is it time for an automated bill pay system?

Traditional paper statements and calls have been increasingly ineffective.

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