Cheri Wheeler


6 Trends in employee benefits to keep an eye on in 2024

What practices need to offer to attract and retain great talent

Anjana Patel


When it comes to private equity, don't forget the real estate

Physician-owned real estate can be a major factor in the overall value of a private equity deal.

Eleesha Martin


Investing in employees today will keep your practice healthy

More than half of healthcare workers don’t feel optimistic about the future

Karli Burridge, PA-C, MMS, FOMA


Health Conversations: Six ways to engage patients

Patients are much more likely to follow advice if they feel they are part of the decision-making process.

Deirdre Ruttle


Finding a path forward: Build a digital connection with patients

Technology can help bridge the gap between physician and patients.

Avihai Sodri
Avihai Sodri


Connecting a disconnected healthcare ecosystem with telehealth and technology

Turns out that getting good, essential health care in the U.S. depends on income, more so than in any other wealthy country.

Richard Lopez


How the right revenue cycle partnership can address consumerism challenges

Three key advantages of a revenue cycle partnership.

Gerry Stanley MD


Delighting payers and patients with turn-key behavioral health solutions

New technology can be the key to bringing behavioral healthcare to practices already struggling.

Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH


Considerations before buying a practice

Lessons learned from the purchase of a plastic surgery practice.

Kirk Heath


Temporary vs. permanent: Is it time to restructure physician work?

While there is no silver bullet solution, we can agree that what’s really important is patients having access to quality, credentialed providers.

Anton C. Bizzell, MD
Anton C. Bizzell, MD


Tackling healthcare inequities

The color of one’s skin should never be a death sentence or greatly impact health outcomes.

Kari Meillat | Courtesy of Eclipse Media Group
Kari Meillat


How to use pay transparency to improve employee retention and recruitment

Pay transparency has been gaining momentum and is considered a step towards pay equity and reducing gender and racial pay gaps.

Brittany Faletta


For those that have everything, give the gift of beauty and nutrition

Find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list this season, no matter your budget. Browse our holiday gift guide for Mom, the guys, teens, and more!

Doron Schneider, MD, MBA, FACP


Establishing quality incentives and payments

How practices can establish quality incentives and quality payments.

Bruce Strong


Insurance and cyberattacks

Contingent business interruption coverage may protect providers from losses experienced indirectly as a result of a cyberattack.

Adnan Iqbal


Addressing the ‘great patient disconnect’ in patient-provider digital communication

It’s more important than ever for practices to be able to effectively leverage their digital patient engagement and communication tools to lessen the burden on staff.

Sarah M. Worthy


Navigating e-visit billing

Transparency and accessibility are keys to avoiding surprise charges and ensuring patient satisfaction.

Guillermo Beades


What to do during a medical board investigation

How to mitigate or prevent public discipline by a medical board.

Joel Theisen


Fixing the patient satisfaction problem

Health care ultimately must be about customer care.

David Lee


Healthcare data sharing needs a major overhaul

The healthcare ecosystem exhibits a clear void in efficient data and file sharing technology

Andre Chatelain


How accessible, public eLearning can change the conversation about eating disorders

Plugging an outdated slide presentation into a website is not an effective method of conveying information. Well-formed eLearning is different.

Matt Racki


Drive patient retention with Remote Patient Monitoring

Five tips for a successful RPM program.

Patty Riskind


Alleviating call volume for physician practices

The days of “bad ‘bots” are behind us so put smart virtual assistants to work in your practice to reduce call volume, deliver self-service options to patients and improve operational efficiency.

Jennifer Meller, MD


Burnout and patient engagement

Improving patient health through engagement can help reduce burnout

Cody Cargill


Close partnerships between primary and virtual care providers needed to deliver optimal chronic disease care

Clinicians and their care teams lack the time and resources to manage chronic diseases optimally.

Jock Putney


4 Ways AI will help physicians, patients

AI has ability to streamline practice workflow, improve patient engagement

Randy Ferjuste


Recruiting the difficult-to-hire physician

Health care organizations must adopt a proactive and personalized approach to making physicians feel heard, valued, and interested.

Joe Martinez, RN


The rise of contextual care and telehealth

For the first time, clinicians have been able to get a “behind the scenes look” into their patient’s environment during telehealth visits.

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