Jack Tsai, MD


Social determinants of health: The key to better compliance

You truly have to walk a mile in a patient’s shoes to find out the true barriers to improving their well-being.

Jo-Ann Fussell


Ways to improve the older patient experience

How to take steps to boost the experience for this group of patients.

Jeff LeBrun


Key things for practices to consider when adopting a remote patient monitoring service

What independent practices should consider when adopting remote patient monitoring services.

Carol Gibbons, RN, BSN, NHA


8 tips for avoiding employee handbook crises

Can your employee handbook get you in trouble?

Craig Parker, JD, CPA
Craig Parker, JD, CPA


Care guidance and your practice

Care guidance supports physician practices and at-risk organizations to achieve health equity objectives and succeed in value-based care.

Daniel Hudgins


Third-party risk management critical to protecting against cyberattack

In an increasingly vendor-supported environment, many organizations fail to secure third-party connections.

Scott LaRoque


Overcoming Value-Based Care Hesitations

Physicians Practice® spoke with Scott LaRoque, CEO of MPOWERHealth, about why some physicians may be hesitant to adopt value-based care models and how they can overcome these hesitations.

James F. Jordan


Digitally transforming primary care

Empowering physicians for enhanced patient care and practice efficiency

Natalie Davis, MD


AI's role in identifying, treating metabolic conditions

Use technology instead of waiting for your population to reach chronic disease.

M. Bridget Duffy, MD


How healthcare tech can reduce physician burnout

Technology can serve a higher purpose in healthcare by enabling clinicians to easily communicate and share information without having to taking time away from patient care.

Kristina Hutson


How to reduce surprise billing in your practice

Physicians Practice® spoke with Kristina Hutson, a product line developer at Availity, about surprise billing events in independent healthcare practices and what owners and administrators can do to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Todd Shryock


7 states where you’re less likely to be sued for malpractice

These seven states see less malpractice suits per resident than most.

Zak Holdsworth


What the future of direct primary care looks like

Why you should pay attention to the future of direct primary care.

Teresa Sieck, PhD


Remote monitoring a valuable tool for reducing heart failure readmissions and hospitalizations

Advances in remote monitoring are allowing for physician practices to further monitor heart failure patients on a regular basis, without the patients needing to leave their home. This real-time data provides seamless connectivity, improved clinical outcomes and reductions of adverse events.

Corey Redding


How to choose an ACO partner

Look for alignments with your practice’s mission, values, and strategic priorities.

Oron Afek


Technology and burnout

New technology that fixes the problems of the EHR is the best way to reduce physician burnout

Allen Alishahi


Protecting against life-threatening data breaches

With healthcare data breaches approaching a boiling point, care providers need to adopt an approach that prioritizes operational continuity.

Michael Attanasio, MD


How value-based care helped our independent practice survive 2020

Our experience shows how key features of value-based care can position practices to be more resilient, adaptable, and future-oriented.

Matt Gitelis


How the voluntary reporting outcomes can be a clinical differentiator for practices

Patient-reported outcomes are becoming increasingly important to patients, providers, and payers.

Deb Woods


What over 2 million patients say about their healthcare experiences

This assessment identified four core areas that generated underwhelming scores.

Joanna Terry


4 Design strategies for optimal patient experience

The design of your practice can do a lot to make patients feel more comfortable.

Taylor Goucher


Take advantage of the global talent pool without setting up an offshore subsidiary

Access to global talent enables companies to broaden their talent search, build business continuity across geographies, and shift cost structures.

Jesse Noyes


5 Tips for crafting a compelling and informative job ad

The proper job ad can ease the struggle to fill practice staff positions.

Brian White


Combatting employee turnover at your practice

Staff members are looking for autonomy and fair pay.

Greg Davis


Analyzing the adverse effects of internet downtime in healthcare

In today's healthcare environment any disruption or downtime can have serious implications for both staff and patients alike.

Shawn Miele


Digital presence and patient acquisition

The adage, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” rings true in healthcare, too.

Drex DeFord


Cybersecurity breach reports low during the pandemic

The results of a recent cybersecurity report by CCI Security

Chris Martini


3 Patient engagement trends to watch in 2024

Look ahead to some of the trends which could define patient engagement in 2024.

Mohamed H. Nabulsi, Esq


The non-compete ban and your practice

Most Healthcare entities nationwide will soon be deprived of one of the most essential protections for their business, the non-competition provision.

Diane Psaras


Supporting Staff During COVID-19: HR Tips and Strategies

HR professionals who manage physicians’ practices—if they haven’t already—must reshape the workplace each and every day.

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